With a name like “Blissful Blue”, it’s easy to guess what emotion this charming shade from Sherwin Williams elicits. Imagine lounging in a beachside cottage, wrapped in a cozy cashmere throw, sipping coffee and basking in the glow of the morning sunshine.

A touch of purple makes this blue really special. This cool shade naturally lends itself to a calm, serene ambiance. It’s perfect for bedrooms, nurseries and powder rooms.

A surprising, yet ingenious spot to employ Blissful Blue might be your house’s exterior. This lovely shade is very welcoming and it sets a tone of calm for the whole home. Trim it with white for a cool historic look.

Blissful Blue works well with other nautical hues, like a misty gray or bold navy. For a contrast, wake this shade up with a toasty bronze, like El Carmelo.