By Sarah Boerkircher


While Heather Shaw doesn’t necessarily consider herself a “Super Mom”, she says she always tries to do the best that she can with her four-year-old daughter Hayley.

“I know how lucky I am to have Hayley; she is truly a blessing I didn’t think was possible,” says Heather. “Hayley is the happiest kid—she just radiates joy to all of those around her.”

Heather and her husband, Ben, make it a priority to stay active. Hayley enjoys gymnastics and swim lessons, and on the weekends, the Shaws like going to the pool, visiting the zoo or other local attractions.

As a liver transplant recipient and a cancer survivor, Heather says making time to focus on her health is not only important to her, but her whole family. Heather attends Fit4Mom classes, including Stroller Strides, which is an exercise class that Hayley can attend, too.

“My own mental health and physical health are two things that are important to me and allow me to be a good mom,” she says. “Fit4Mom has been wonderful in helping me make time for myself. I also think it’s important for moms to find their village, which I have found in Fit4Mom. By finding the right village, I realized we all need support in this crazy process called parenthood.”

Heather says that like many moms, she struggles with trying to be the parent that does it all. As Development Director for Child Development Center of the Bluegrass, Heather says she is still figuring out how to manage work, family and social obligations.

“As a working mom, I have a tendency to overcommit myself,” she says.

“I am always working on my ability to say ‘no’ to activities and being okay with that decision.”

Heather admits that she wants to be able to give Hayley everything and be able to do everything, but she knows that isn’t physically possible for any parent.

“Balancing it all is a constant struggle, but I try to do my best at making sure I leave work at work and focus my time at home to be with my family,” Heather says.

Family is very important to Heather and Ben. The Shaws are in the process of becoming foster parents, with the hopes of sharing their life with children in need.

“Watching your child grow is the most rewarding moment of parenthood.”