Kentucky Horse Park Foundation awards more than $234,000 in new grants to Kentucky Horse Park  
Lexington, KY (July 26, 2018) Kentucky Horse Park Foundation is pleased to announce that it has awarded over $234,000 in new grants to fund four projects proposed by the Kentucky Horse Park. 
The projects funded as part of the July 2018 quarterly grant cycle are: 
GROUNDWATER PROTECTION PROJECT ($168,000) Funds directed towards continued facility improvements which align with Kentucky Horse Park Green Initiatives. 
CAMPGROUND WI-FI IMPROVEMENTS ($62,000) Funds directed towards underwriting the cost of equipment necessary to upgrade the Wi-Fi availability in the KHP campground and build a platform for future Wi-Fi improvements at the park. 
INTERNATIONAL MUSEUM OF THE HORSE ($3,000) Funds directed towards payment of annual Smithsonian Affiliations fee for the International Museum of the Horse. 
HORSE DRAWN TOURS DIVISION ($1,250) Funds directed towards transportation costs for bringing a new pair of Clydesdale draft horses to the Kentucky Horse Park as part of the horse drawn tours division. 
These grants were awarded through a formal application process, administered by the KHPF Grants Committee, composed of members of the Kentucky Horse Park Foundation Board of Directors.  The Grants Committee makes recommendations to the full Board of Directors upon their review of all applications.  The Kentucky Horse Park Foundation is delighted to report that these awards were approved unanimously by the Kentucky Horse Park Foundation Board of Directors at its July meeting. 
The Kentucky Horse Park Foundation is dedicated to fulfilling its mission to support the efforts of the Kentucky Horse Park and congratulates the Kentucky Horse Park on its great work. 
The Kentucky Horse Park Foundation, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, fulfills its mission to enhance, expand and improve the Kentucky Horse Park by fundraising within the private sector.  This partnership between private donors and the support of the Commonwealth of Kentucky is what has enabled the incredible success of the Kentucky Horse Park.  Since its inception in 1985, the KHP Foundation has awarded over $30 million to the Kentucky Horse Park, helping to fund critical improvements such as new facilities and footing, museum exhibitions, education projects, care for the park’s resident horses and much more.