Different people need the arts for many different reasons. For many, it’s an essential creative outlet. For others, it’s their tribe—the group with whom they feel most themselves, most at home. And for still others, the arts are a source of healing and inspiration.

For Leslie Keller-Biehl, the arts are all of these things.

In February 2018, Leslie had just signed on with LexArts as development manager, tasked with the nuts and bolts of the annual Fund for the Arts Campaign. She was bubbling over with successful examples from her time at Loveland, Ohio’s Murphy Theatre and with fresh ideas for inspiring generosity in Lexington through her own love of the arts. But on her second day of work, she received life-altering news: a diagnosis of ovarian cancer.

Over the next six months, Leslie worked as she could—at LexArts’ office on Mill Street, through teleconferences from home, even once from the chemo chair. The difference she could make through raising funds for the arts and the camaraderie of her coworkers, she says, kept her spirits up, even when she had too much pain and fatigue to type on her laptop.

Her first line treatment completed, Leslie is starting again from her “new normal.” She is ramping up for LexArts’ spring campaign and helping with this fall’s ARTY PARTIES. Not every day is easy, and the vigilant self-care she must practice is a project in itself. But for Leslie, working in the arts is itself creative expression that is healing. And it’s her home.

ARTY PARTIES are just one way LexArts makes fundraising fun, showing arts lovers a good time while they do good. Now through mid-November, join LexArts for an ARTY PARTY of your very own choosing. Read about all the PARTIES and download your personal party planner at ArtyPartyLex.com.

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