By Jordan Holt


The commitment to lose weight is the number-one new year's resolution in America.

New Year’s Resolutions – the word “year” in that phrase tends to turn into “month”, then to “never” as life catches up with you a few weeks after January 1st. Well-intentioned resolutions turn into background noise that are occasionally remembered, but by February, the significance and motivation to stick with them is lost until the next New Year’s Eve rolls around.

When the right mindset is paired with reasonable resolutions, 2019 can be the best year yet!

The key to achieving New Year’s Resolutions is to make attainable goals that may be difficult, but definitely not impossible. When resolutions become a lifestyle, the goal is accomplished more easily. When the right mindset is paired with reasonable resolutions, 2019 can be the best year yet! Here are some ideas for realistic, but meaningful resolutions.

Focus on "Yes"

Yes, this is a simple one. Simple, but so effective. Saying “yes” more often can be life changing, and increases positivity of the mind. The power of “yes” can lead to new experiences and opportunities, and can conquer the fear and skepticism that may come with overthinking and hesitating. Consider saying “yes” to this resolution, and see what doors open in the New Year.


Making a New Year’s Resolution to go to the gym every morning before work may be a bit of a stretch. However, vowing to workout two or three days a week is very attainable. This “workout” may be the gym, but it also could be a walk around the neighborhood, taking the stairs whenever possible, or taking a couple laps around the office during the day. A little physical activity can make a world’s difference.

Mindful Eating

Every year, everyone faces the haunting resolution of “I’m going to eat healthier”. What does “healthier” even mean? Less carbs, more greens, designated cheat days? This one can lead to a lot of personal restrictions that can make meal time a lot more stressful than it was to begin with. Maybe this year, the resolution for you is to eat more mindfully. Being more aware of what is being consumed and the portion sizes can help with eating habits. Plus, you’ll enjoy each glorious bite to the fullest!

Adding Spice to Life

Weird, right? Adding spice to dishes can take it from bland and boring to a 5-star cuisine. Maybe defeating Gordon Ramsey in a cook-off is unrealistic, but knowing spices can reduce inflammation and strengthen the body is a pretty good win. Nutritionists recommend using spices such as turmeric, ginger, cumin, rosemary and mint for their surprising health benefits–just look ‘em up. Consider vowing to cook a couple meals a week with a new kick and spice up your life!

Living Positively

This doesn’t mean forcing a smile and acting happy. This is a resolution that is totally unique to you. For you, living positively may mean establishing a decent sleep schedule or drinking more water. It also may take on a more psychological face such as mental health, social fulfillment or finding ways to decrease stress. Think about digging a little deeper and arriving at a meaningful goal to improve overall happiness.

Just Think About...

How long does the average american keep their loss resolution?

New Year's Day 100%

One week 75%

Two weeks 71% 

One month 64%

Six months 46%