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Autumn Hodge, Financial Representative

Foresters Financial

“My friends and family told me I was born for this job. I always had little businesses growing up and I knew I wanted to have a practice of my own someday,” Autumn explained. As someone with a deep passion for helping people, she found that her position allows her to help ease clients’ minds about their financial futures.

Her work also affords her opportunities to connect to her customers on a personal, meaningful level. She explained, “My clients are very important to me. To know that they have one less thing in life to worry about brings me a lot of joy!”

At Foresters Financial, Autumn is able to help clients with all aspects of their finances. She specializes in retirement planning, investments and insurance. She appreciates that Foresters has a 140-year history of helping families achieve long-term financial health and well-being. She said, “I felt like God led me to this career and showed me that through this job, I can help people in a very special way.”

Autumn appreciates how her job has changed her approach to life, and she values the position she holds. “I have met people from all walks of life and each client has taught me a different life lesson,” she explained. “I cherish these lessons in my own personal life and I’m very thankful for the opportunity to serve my community.”

Autumn’s Tip: “You are never too young or too old to look over your financial situation!”

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John V. Boardman, III, CEO

Ballast, Inc.

John’s father passed away when John was just 23 years-old. “I was left to settle his financial affairs in addition to looking after his 94-year-old mother. It was a tough time, but it became very apparent that people need financial organization and direction. That inspired me.” His father was a bank CEO, but had unfortunately not received the best advice in his final years. John said, “If he wasn’t getting the advice he needed, it made me realize that there were many people in need of objective advice.”

John says that he and the Ballast team built the business to fill a void they perceived in the industry of personal and business financial planning and investment management. “Our business has grown because every person on our team puts our clients needs and interests first,” he said. “While so many firms are subject to high turnover, a siloed advisor approach, conflicts of interest issues and an approach or attitude many people find undesirable, we focus on being different.”

John says it’s absolutely essential to assemble a team that values trustworthiness, integrity and honesty. “The best advice I was ever given was to build a firm I would want my own family to work with. It’s a simple message but it drives every decision we make,” John explained. “I would trust every single person on our team of 9 with my family’s well being.”

John’s Tip: “Invest in yourself and find a career your enjoy: you will be far more successful if you love what you do. Your personal earning potential is the single most impactful factor in creating financial independence. Get advice to maximize your future financial picture.”

Dennis Bohannon, Market President, Lexington

Limestone Bank

Dennis was a finance major in college at UK, something that prepared him for a variety of business opportunities and endeavors. But his passion for finance and connecting with people led him to Limestone Bank, a local institution that has banking centers in 12 Kentucky counties.

One thing that sets Dennis apart is that he loves getting to know those he encounters through his work. “I truly enjoy working with clients and learning about their businesses and careers,” he said. Because Limestone Bank offers comprehensive consumer and commercial banking services, that means he gets to meet a wide range of people, giving Dennis the opportunity to gain more knowledge about the unique challenges and needs of various industries.

With over 20 years of lending experience, Dennis understands that every customer needs someone who can be a guide. He explained, “Many people come to me for guidance and solutions to financial questions. It’s so important to have someone you trust, and someone who is fascinated by finance, to help guide you and teach you along the way.”

At the end of the day, Dennis finds it most rewarding to know that he has done all he can to ease his client’s mind and given them answers to their many questions. “I love finding solutions that help people,” Dennis said. “It’s a good day when I can really help someone understand that there are always solutions.” NMLS# 419243

Dennis’s Tip:: “Unless you’re going to spend a significant amount of time studying this area of your life, then you need a guide you trust. If not, you’ll likely learn some costly lessons.”

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Robert A. A. BrewerSenior Vice President of Wealth Management, Managing Director

Brewer Private Wealth of Raymond James

Comprehensive wealth management is essential for families who want to feel secure in all areas of their financial lives. “From tax efficient asset management and risk management to lending, philanthropy, estate and trust services, we tailor the plan for each client, focusing on both sides of the balance sheet,” he explained. Part of their high-level of service involves a coordinated effort. “We work alongside each client’s attorneys and accountants to take a team approach to finding potential solutions.”

Rob’s career didn’t start out in wealth management. In fact, he ran a door-to-door business during the summer in college. “Many of the families we catered to at that time had no financial plan, but wanted a better future for their children. That’s when I thought about wealth management as a potential career.” He joked, “I also thought it would be fun to be in the NBA, but I was too short and couldn’t jump!”

Because he loves working with people, Rob has come to understand just how important his business’s personal contact is to the people they serve. “We stay in close touch with our clients and keep them informed,” he explained. “We pride ourselves on great service and customer attention. In order to ensure the level of service that our existing client base has grown accustomed to, we do have new account minimums.”

“This is my 27th year in the business, and in some cases, we are working with the third generation of the same family,” Rob said. “It is satisfying to watch your clients grow, help them get their kids through college, retire comfortably and see their wishes carried out at their passing.”

Rob’s Tip: “Have a plan! Everyone should have a game plan for where they place their assets.”

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Matthew WhiteLexington Market President

People's Exchange Bank

When asked if growing up he always wanted to be in finance, Matthew said he had more adventurous plans and had aspired to be like Indiana Jones. As he matured and realized that wasn’t a possible career choice, he decided to go another route. During school he became interested in finance and working with customers. Instead of running from boulders, he gets his thrills from putting together a deal that’s a win/win for both the customer and the bank.

Matthew works with many real estate investors. With 25 years of experience as a real estate investor himself, Matthew understands the challenges and struggles of that industry. “It gives me a very personal perspective on my customers’ needs and how they want to be treated,” he explained.

“The most rewarding part of my job is when businesses come back years later and tell me that Peoples Exchange Bank and I were a crucial part of their success,” Matthew said. NMLS# 580177

Matthew’s Tip: “Surround yourself with people you trust and ask those folks a lot of questions.”

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Coby Adkins, City Executive

South Central Bank

When Coby was a child, he didn’t want to be in finance. He said, “My father was a Marine and I wanted to follow in his footsteps–and I did!” After serving the United States Marine Corps for six years, he chose to pursue a career in finance, gaining experience in various leadership roles.

His current role involves a wide array of lending services, including commercial and residential needs, including business acquisition lending, development lending, operating lines of credit, construction lending and financing of commercial and residential investment properties. “I find that helping customers meet the goals for their business is one of the most rewarding parts of my job,” he explained. Coby always makes business personal. “My clients and I usually end up being friends, so it makes the business relationship easy,” he said. NMLS# 1826111

Coby’s Tip: “Always get advice from more than one person!”

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David E. Smyth, Senior Partner

Family Financial Partners

Family Financial Partners is a full-service, comprehensive financial planning firm. “We go beyond traditional stocks and bonds and retirement planning,” David explained. Over the last few years, they’ve launched, a fee-based planning service. “It allows our team to now work with new clients at all stages of life. Our clients love it, as we now can work with the whole family regardless of whether they have any investment assets.”

They also take their commitment beyond the walls of their office. “We don’t just stop at organizing: we educate through weekly emails we write,” David said. “We also socialize with our clients quite frequently. I like to think of us as the most social financial planning team in Lexington!”

David’s Tip: “Money only has one purpose: to eventually be spent by someone. Make sure to take care of your physical body and mind!”

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Alexander M. Roig, Senior Partner

Family Financial Partners

Alex says one of the biggest challenges in his work is the first step with clients. “This tends to be the hardest part of the financial planning conversation as often it’s tough for new clients to admit they aren’t actively working towards their goals,” he said. “ Once this step is complete, the actual solutions become readily apparent and we can generate a plan that takes the guess work out of this process. The most rewarding part is seeing that moment of understanding in client families as they realize that there really is a path they can follow to achieve their version of success!”

Alex is a natural problem-solver. “Think of us as financial therapists; what we do consists of reflecting upon the past and working towards the future.”

Alex’s Tip: “It’s never too early to put a financial plan in place. Things in your life will change and will require the plan to be adjusted, but it does give you a picture of where you are and where you need to go.”

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Mark Yates, Lexington Market President

Citizens Commerce Bank

Citizens Commerce Bank is a local community bank serving Lexington, Nicholasville, Frankfort and Jessamine counties. Citizens Commerce offers many solutions to fit the unique needs of their customers. “Our commercial accounts are structured with the customer in mind. Convenience is important to everyone, and we offer commercial cash management solutions, remote deposit capture, courier service and all the electronic banking services that make life easier,” Mark explained. “Our money market, CD and IRA accounts pay some of the highest interest rates you will find in the local market.”

Mark believes Citizens Commerce Bank’s greatest strength lies in their relationships with both their customers and community. They work with entrepreneurs to start and grow their businesses as well as families looking to purchase their first homes. As a community bank, they know the central Kentucky market and are able to make decisions locally. “We believe in doing our part to make our community a better place,” Mark said.

“As the Lexington Market President, my mission is to exceed the expectations of my customers.  I take great pride in getting to know my customers personally and helping them achieve their personal and business objectives by providing financial solutions to fit their needs,” Mark said.  “If you are unsatisfied with your current bank, or if you’d like to switch to a community bank, we hope you will give us the opportunity to earn your business.” NMLS #755016

Mark’s Tip: “Choose a finance institution that can make decisions locally. They will be more adaptive to your needs.”

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Larry Forester, Market President, Senior Vice President

Cumberland Valley National Bank

A banking career wasn’t always the plan for Larry Forester of Cumberland Valley National Bank (CVNB). In fact, he intended to become an electrician and own his own company. But banking sparked Larry’s interest while attending Pikeville College, where he graduated with a Business Management degree in 2005.

After 10 years as Loan Officer and Vice President of Commercial Lending with another bank, Larry moved to CVNB in 2015 as Senior Vice President and Commercial Lending in the Fayette County market. He quickly gained respect for his focus and passion for helping clients reach their dreams.

Last June, Larry was named CVNB’s Fayette County Market President. “I’m honored by the opportunity to lead continued success for CVNB in the Lexington region,” he said.

Larry’s Tip: “My team and I can assist with a full range of personalized business and personal loans, asset-based lending and home equity lines of credit as well as wealth management and other traditional banking services.”

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Whitney Greer, Executive Vice President

Cumberland Valley National Bank

Whitney takes great pride in helping her clients set and reach their financial goals. She credits her father and grandfather as inspiration to become a leader in the business world. “I watched them work hard at CVNB to help others my entire life,” she says. “It’s gratifying to continue our family’s commitment to ensuring banking is accessible and easy for our clients.”

After graduating from Centre College in 1992, Whitney worked with the bank before earning her JD from the University of Louisville Brandeis School of Law in 1997.

In addition to her core responsibilities with the bank, Whitney also oversees marketing activities for CVNB’s 14 branch locations in seven central Kentucky communities. And she’s also very involved in preparations for CVNB’s second Lexington branch opening later this spring.

Whitney’s Tip: “Start saving NOW. It’s never too late to start saving!”

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David Snyder, Loan Officer

Cumberland Valley National Bank

As a member of the University of Kentucky Golf Team from 2011 – 2016, David Snyder perfected his abilities to play the long game off the tee as well as make the crucial putts. Perhaps those skills are among the reasons he’s experiencing success today at CVNB.

David recognizes that each client he helps secure a commercial or small business loan is better positioned to build the local economy. He finds it exciting to be actively engaged in keeping the economic wheels turning in communities across the CVNB service area.

There aren’t too many Loan Officers David’s age (he was born in 1992), which gives him a distinct advantage and perspective, especially in relating to Millennials. “Being adaptive and approachable to everyone who walks through the door is par for the course at CVNB,” he said. NMLS# 1655203

David’s Tip: “I’m a firm believer in keeping big picture goals and long-term strategies in mind when making financial decisions today. Educating yourself and seeking guidance from professionals is the best way to leverage your wealth.”

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Mike Schornick, City President & Sr. Commercial Banker


Mike realized early that banking was the place where he could put his talents to use and make a difference. “I knew in high school, given the many influences around me, that banking was a profession I wanted to pursue,” he explained.

One thing that sets Mike apart is that he believes in putting the client first. “Customers should not have to wait on their bankers if at all possible,” Mike said. His passion for people drives him to establish relationships with his customers, partnering with each client to achieve their goals. His role at WesBanco allows him to do just that. He said, “This organization’s keen commitment to service is important to me. It’s a community bank with a full array of banking services and products.” NMLS# 541819

Mike’s Tip: “Understand the risk and the consequences that go with risk: keep it simple and price your return accordingly.”

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Erin Soard, Commercial Loan Officer

Traditional Bank

Erin spent more than a decade working in commercial underwriting for locally owned banks prior to growing into the role of commercial loan officer at Traditional Bank. “Not only did those years provide an in-depth understanding of the financial analysis behind the loan, it heightened my ability to craft custom solutions for different types of businesses,” Erin explained.

In Erin’s mind, efficiency and convenience go a long way in establishing a personal connection for customers. “What I find most rewarding is being a partner with my clients,” Erin said. “At Traditional Bank, we have the ability to provide inventive lending solutions to best accommodate our customers. Our focus is developing relationships rather than transactions. With local decision making, we provide prompt answers to our clients’ requests.”

Traditional Bank offers an array of services, from traditional banking solutions to loan products. “As a commercial loan officer, I provide finance solutions for a variety of business lending needs including real estate purchases and expansion opportunities,” she explained. She also works closely with their cash management team, which she considers to be best in its class. “Our concierge services help clients maximize cash flow, increase efficiency and reduce risk for financial fraud. Working as a team, we create immense value for our clients!”

Erin’s Tip: “Surround yourself with a valuable network of peers and mentors. Also, it’s important to enlist the support of a professional network including your CPA, attorney and lending partner.”

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Quin Broadbent, Vice President, Senior Portfolio Manager / Wealth Advisor

Kentucky Bank

Quin Broadbent, CFP® always knew that he wanted to be in finance. “This is what I am good at, and what I enjoy waking up and doing,” he said. “Clients are trusting me with their investments, and I will work hard to make sure that I deliver on that trust.”

Caring for others is an important value that Quin holds dear, and he has made that a part of his comprehensive wealth planning service. He said, “We create mutually beneficial relationships where our clients know that we always have their best interests in mind. We want nothing more than to help our clients meet their goals.”

Quin currently serves as the Board President of the Ronald McDonald House and enjoys helping children and families in need.  He enjoys spending time at home with his wife, Mary and his two sons, George and Fox.

Quin’s Tip: “Your top goals are different at different stages in your life. It’s important you have a clear understanding of where you stand with regards to retirement.”

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Artie Ford, Vice President, Market Manager Central Kentucky

Republic Bank

Republic Bank is a full-service bank, and Artie focuses on commercial and consumer relationships. “The most rewarding part of my job is when our clients let us know that they had a high quality experience with Republic Bank,” he said. He loves working at a place that not only provides great services t0 fit the lives and businesses of those they serve, but also that values each and every customer.

Artie believes that putting the customer first is always the right choice, and that his success is a direct reflection of his work ethic. “One habit that I have always followed is being responsive to each client’s needs, quickly and honestly,” he explained. “This is one way I have earned the trust of our clients.” NMLS# 478798

Artie’s Tip: “Work with someone who is invested in you.”

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Amy Len Dailey, Vice President

Community Trust Bank

When she was younger, Amy had no clue that she’d end up in banking–she jokes that she wanted to be the next Cher! But her skills and passion for people led her to finance. “I love building relationships and getting to know my customers personally,” she explained. “I am blessed that I can call many of these folks my friends.”

For Amy, following that passion means making sure her customers get the right services to suit their unique needs, whether for commercial, consumer or mortgage lending or tailored banking. “I find it deeply rewarding to help people make financial decisions that they feel good about,” she said. “We are a community bank making decisions right here in Lexington.” NMLS #575988

Amy’s Tip: “Seek advice, ask questions and most importantly: get to know your banker!”

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Trina Yack, Vice President

Community Trust Bank

Trina started in banking at 18, working as a part-time teller. She knew she’d found where she was meant to be, and worked hard to learn as much as possible. She is now the Branch Manager of the Hamburg location and handles mortgage lending, residential construction loans and home equity loans. “I work hard to help all of my customers. I want to make sure they get to the closing table. I don’t give up no matter what challenges we have along the way,” Trina explained.

“The most rewarding part has always been making dreams come true,” she said. “Whether they are buying or building their first home or even their second, third or fourth home, you know that is a dream that they have and you want to help them achieve it.” NMLS# 561222

Trina’s Tip: “Always take care of your credit. Don’t get in over your head, keep payments affordable and pay on time.”

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Jeffrey S. Thomison, Vice President, Senior Equity Manager & Strategist

Community Trust | Wealth & Trust Management

Community Trust Wealth & Trust Management offers a host of wealth management services, all with the aim to protect, grow and secure people’s financial futures. “In my role, I strive to effectively navigate the investment process and make prudent buy/hold/sell decisions on stocks for our clients,” Jeff, a Chartered Financial Analyst, explained. “This is best done under a structure that focuses on key tenets of diligence, integrity, knowledge and patience.”

He added, “What is most rewarding to me is knowing that I am providing a much-needed service in protecting and growing the net worth of clients and future generations so their lives can be as comfortable and enjoyable as possible.”

Early in high school, Jeff developed a passion for the stock market. He began reading financial magazines, learning about public companies and creating hypothetical stock portfolios. He wanted to build his career with as much knowledge as possible. “During my career as an equity analyst, I have been fortunate to learn from many great investment minds and interact with some of the sharpest leaders in the business world,” Jeff explained.

“I consider it a privilege to have begun a new career at such a well-regarded company with a wonderful, caring culture. I could tell it was a special place from the outset,” he said. The team at Community Trust Wealth & Trust Management is large enough to take care of their clients’ financial needs, but small enough to develop a personal relationship that makes customers feel valued and understood. He added, “We pride ourselves on the way we treat our clients – like we would with our own family.”

Jeff’s Tip: “Invest early. It’s simple advice, but incredibly powerful. Long-term equity investing is one of the greatest propositions in the world.”

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Michael Adams, Jr., Commercial Banking Relationship Officer

Forcht Bank

“I always wanted to be an entrepreneur, but didn’t quite know what I wanted to do,” Michael said. “The idea of working with a variety of businesses and understanding how they operate intrigued me enough to begin my career as a business banker.” He likes working with Forcht Bank, which is headquartered in Lexington, because local decision making ability offers customers a faster, simpler and happier banking experience.

Michael recommends commercial banking solutions to save every customer time and money. “I provide the same solutions whether a business is a start-up or in their mature operating cycle,” he explained. “I have the same cash flow conversation with clients and prospects regardless if they have $1 in the bank or $10 million.”

Michael’s Tip: “Wealth seldom comes by chance. Have a short and long term strategy for your financial well-being and consult often with your financial advisor.”

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Bradley E. King, Vice President, Business Banking Sales Leader

PNC Bank

Bradley specializes in offering solutions to access cash, commercial real estate and commercial lending. “I’m a seasoned banker that works with businesses of all sizes and life cycles,” he said. “I enjoy helping our customers achieve and maintain their financial wellbeing. The joy of watching people grow in their personal and professional life is important for success at PNC Bank.”

Originally, Bradley wanted to pursue a career in law enforcement with the Kentucky State Police, even potentially the FBI. “I took a detour by accepting a position in financial services in the ‘90s.” He added, “The rest is history!”

Bradley values integrity and he puts his clients’ needs first. “Being a trusted advisor is the ultimate goal,” he explained.

Bradley’s Tip: “Save early, and often!”

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Casey Bright, Financial Advisor


Casey Bright, AAMS believes that his relationships with his clients goes beyond basic service. “The goal is to partner together for life so we can help them stay on track, but I can’t do any of this without first understanding what’s important to them. I want to start there,” he explained. For him, a big part of that is getting to know clients on a personal level. “I don’t just have clients. I have an extended family, and I sincerely mean that. It’s about the weddings, the college graduations, celebration of life and milestones. I get to watch it all happen and I’m very blessed to be included in such important areas of people’s life.

Casey is proud to be part of an industry that focuses on helping people grow. He believes that part of what makes him effective in his role is a genuine desire to see each and every client succeed. By customizing every facet of his service for each individual, he’s able to make what he does work for a variety of people with their unique needs.

“A lot of people think what I do is place trades and watch stock tickers all day. What I actually do is help people preparing for or already living in retirement by talking about the unexpected, paying for education, leaving a legacy to their kids and coming up with a strategy,” Casey explained. “My office is always open. Reviewing your situation and goals is always complimentary. I can’t think of a single reason to not take advantage of that!”

Casey’s Tip: “There is no one approach that’s right for everyone. Make sure whoever you work with, that they understand you and what your dreams are. Make yourself a priority and make sure they do too.”

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Kimberly M. Durrum, Vice President, Operations

Commonwealth Credit Union

“Helping people realize their financial dreams is undeniably the most rewarding part of working in finance. People come to us with a glimpse of what they want or need, and they usually have an idea of what they think they need.” Kim explained, “What we get to do is ask the right questions. You can learn so much when you ask the right questions. It allows us  to get to know our members, their needs, and provide them with an extraordinary experience. Whether you are just starting out or dream of venturing out, we have an option to help you get there!”

To achieve those goals, Commonwealth Credit Union provides products and services for both personal and business needs. They now offer business accounts and commercial lending. “These services, like our personal  banking  services,  are  all provided with the  common  purpose of bettering lives  through  our  passion  to  serve,”  Kim  said.  “We’re  here  to  help our member/owners and small businesses succeed, grow and thrive in the communities we share.”

An important part of Commonwealth Credit Union’s mission is being involved. “I’m a believer that when you’re able to have your values align both personally  and professionally,  that’s  when  you know you’re in the right  place,”  Kim  said. “I love volunteering, whether it’s through the chambers we’re involved with, community events or the Ski Patrol. Being able to give back to the community is important to build relationships, and I love the opportunity to collaborate.”

Kim’s Tip: “The ‘saving muscle’ takes a long time to develop. The earlier you begin, the more strength you’ll have to achieve your goals.”

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