“Come On, Calm” Helping Little Readers Find Calm In Adventure

LEXINGTON, KY (March 4, 2019) --  Lexington natives Kelsey Brown (author) and Joseph Wrightson (illustrator) have collaborated to craft a whimsical new children's book encouraging readers of all abilities to self soothe through sensory and breathing tasks.

Come On, Calm! is the story guide to finding the calm in everyday adventures. This new children's book, illustrated as a whimsical treasure hunt, gives step by step ideas for self-soothing when its readers find themselves nervous, excited, or just in a mood. 

Join the Come On, Calm! team at Create art + play studio in Lexington (193 Kentucky Ave) March 9, 2019 5:30PM-7:30PM for a pre-launch party, before the books May 7 release! Saturday’s party is Central Kentucky’s chance to purchase the book two months before its official release (while supplies last). In addition, the party will be packed with storytelling, music, movement, and art making for the whole family. Entry to the event is one new or gently used diverse children's or young adult book. Brown and Wrightson have teamed up with 50 States 50 Books on their mission to spread inclusive books across the US. All donations collected will support The Nest Center for Women, Children, and Families in Lexington, KY!

Disguised as any other picture book, Come On, Calm! is just the book parents, teachers, and caregivers need to help their little ones build healthy habits and a shared vocabulary for when they need a break. Little readers of all abilities will relate to the diverse and inclusive characters with an understanding that everyone needs to take a breath sometimes - even pirates and explorers.

Pre-readers are saying:

"Armed with age-appropriate physical and cognitive strategies to combat stress and sensory overload, little ones (and big people, too) will thrive with Come On, Calm!” - Matthew, Counselor

"In a world that does not stop spinning, Come On, Calm! teaches children to slow their world and be the best version of themselves they can be." - Shelley, Child Life Specialist

“Come On, Calm! is a delightful book, and just so happens to have the winning combination of being both playful and insightful.” - Georgeann, Psychologist

About the Authors

Kelsey Brown is an aspiring Speech-Language Pathologist/Arts Access Consultant with degrees in Communication Sciences and Disorders and Theatre from The University of Georgia. Joseph Wrightson is a music educator by day and a freelance graphic designer by night with a degree in Music Education from the University of Kentucky. After performing together at Lexington Children’s Theatre in high school, working at the North Lexington Family YMCA for a summer in college, and a last summer with The LEXington Theatre Company, they are thrilled to be using their unique skills to collaborate once again.

Come On, Calm! will be available for purchase through Mascot Books, Amazon, and Barnes and Noble online May 7, 2019. Additionally, it will be available through distributors, such as Ingram, Baker and Taylor, and Follett Library Resources. Pre-orders are open now on Mascot Book's website.

For more information on Come On, Calm! visit Brown’s website and follow them on Facebook and Instagram @comeoncalm.