Top 5: Vegetarian

Amanda Harper


Athenian Grill
Locust Hill, Chevy Chase and The Summit •

Athenian Grill’s authentic Greek menus boast many vegetarian and vegan options, which are clearly marked to make dining meat-free easy. Start with Dolmathakia, a vegan appetizer featuring grape leaves stuffed with basmati rice and spices. The Greek Veggie Plate includes Tyropitakia (mini phyllo pie with feta and katiki cheeses) served alongside their Greek Garden Salad and your choice of sides.

The Sage Rabbit 
438 S. Ashland Ave. | 859.523.2095 |

This chef-driven, farm to table eatery boasts plenty of meat-free options. For lunch, grab the Veggie Tostada with black beans, rice and seasonal vegetables. For dinner, try one of their many pasta options, or ask the server what’s on special. From delicious gnocchi to bright, delicious veggies, there’s bound to be something for everyone in your crew at The Sage Rabbit.


141 E. Main St. | 859.253.0014 |

Since 1973, Alfalfa’s has been serving up locally sourced, fresh ingredients and a host of vegetarian options. For brunch, the Tofu Burrito is a much-loved choice: enjoy crumbled spiced tofu with black beans, onions, mixed bell peppers and spinach, topped with diced tomatoes and chopped scallions, served with corn tortillas and red chili sauce. Or give The Alfalfa Hoppin’ John a try, featuring black-eyed peas and brown rice served with Creole tomato sauce, white cheddar, onions and bell peppers.

Bourbon n’ Toulouse 
829 Euclid Ave. | 859.335.0300 |

Hop to the vegetarian section of Bourbon n’ Toulouse’s menu board for some exciting options that are anything but boring. Try their popular Black Beans and Caramelized Corn, finished with red bell peppers and a light cream reduction. Their Artichoke and Parmesan Cream with Mushrooms dish is a favorite among locals.

Buddha Lounge
109 N. Mill St. #150 | 859.523.4723 |

This urban chic downtown eatery has an impressive menu that welcomes a wide variety of tastes. Their signature Blue Grass Roll features avocado, cream cheese, apple, cucumber, tomato and yum yum sauce. Enjoy your roll with some Veggie Gyoza or a Veggie Tempura Platter. The impressive drink menu will make Buddha Lounge your new favorite hangout spot.