WOW Wedding: Brittany + Seth

Lauren Rogers


Brittany and Seth Parker move through life the same way they did on their magical wedding day; side-by-side, hand in hand, all in it together with their beautiful daughter, Olivia, who brought them together so many years ago. As a middle school cheer coach, Brittany never imagined meeting her

future husband, (and precious daughter,) through a blind date set up by the girls on her team and one of the moms, but sometimes, the best things in life cannot be anticipated. She explains, “Seth’s daughter Olivia had some friends on my middle school cheer team who thought it would be fun to set their coach up with their friend’s dad.”

Though both Brittany and Seth were hesitant to go on a blind date, the two reluctantly agreed to meet at what was once National Provisions on National Avenue. “What was supposed to be a short lunch turned into a four-hour long conversation and a plan to go on a second date right away,” remembers Britttany with a smile. The couple dated for a few years before deciding to spend the rest of their lives together as a family.

Brittany grew up in Lexington and while Seth is originally from Lake Forest, Illinois, Kentucky has always been home for the Parkers. During their dating days, the pair frequented Jefferson Street and the Apiary always caught their eye. From the cozy feel, to the beautiful outdoor garden, the atmosphere immediately made them both feel comfortable and at home, which is exactly how they feel when they are together. “The vibe, both inside and outside, was the perfect representation of our relationship and it’s how we dreamed our wedding venue would feel on such an important day,” the Parkers share.


The happy couple held not only their fabulous reception at the Apiary, but their stunning wedding ceremony as well. For the ceremony, the space was adorned by cascading florals that matched the bouquets of the bride and bridesmaids, whimsical lanterns lined the aisle as a glowing Brittany glided down in a Hayley Paige dress to meet her handsome groom under the focal point of the ceremony: a dreamy chandelier draped with honeysuckle and flowers. “My mother put a great deal of time and effort into planning the execution of the chandelier with our florist, Kim Ross, and it turned out exactly how we envisioned,” says Brittany. The reception included floral centerpieces and candles sprinkled throughout the area. To pay homage to their shared love for the bluegrass, bourbon bottle flower vases were displayed on the bar while passed bourbon mules and mini hot browns delightfully completed the cocktail hour menu.

Before the ceremony, Seth gave his daughter Olivia a bracelet etched with their wedding date, the day that three individuals became one family; a touching token which Olivia loved. The groom’s favorite moments included his first look with Brittany and his daughter, along with enjoying time with family and friends, laughing and preparing for the night ahead. Similarly, the best moments for the bride were getting ready for the day with her friends, sister, mother and daughter- to-be and seeing Seth for the first time.

Brittany elaborates, “Seth and I shared an intimate moment before the ceremony and knowing that he was about to be my husband gave me the happiest feeling in the world!” Brittany also cherished her grandmother’s handkerchief that was delicately tucked inside of her bouquet, reminding her that although she was not there in person, she was there in spirit. Brittany shares, “My grandmother passed away just a few months before the wedding and she was very special to me. Not having her there was sad but having a piece of her with me was sweet.”

With their wedding being their most special day to date, Seth and Brittany have a sage suggestion to impart on anyone planning their own: focus only on one another and not everyone else. “Our friend KJ advised us not to leave the other’s side the whole night, to hold hands the whole time, talk to the same people, dance the night away, and don’t separate,” Brittany and Seth affirm. They continue, “This is the same advice we share with friends getting married because it’s such a special but fleeting time, so spend every second of it together. Your wedding day should one-hundred percent be experienced side-by-side and we have the sweetest memories to look back on.”


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