Color Catalog: Misty


As a part of the Sherwin-Williams “Naturalist” palette, Misty (SW 6232) is meant to be a sophisticated, serene background for plant moms everywhere. So naturally, it’s a near-neutral that could fit in just about any space.

Because it’s a calm grey, Misty serves as an open invitation to mix materials. Different metals and woods will add texture, rather than fighting for dominance. Here, Sherwin Williams mixed mid-century furniture and planters with more traditional pieces in a variety of metal tones.

As the name of this palette suggests, natural hues are the order of the day. Misty looks lovely with greens and browns. Instead of amping up your accent colors, let your metals be the “wow” factor in your space.

Here, Misty shines in the dining room. It would also make a lovely choice for a nursery or entryway. Looking for a truly unique exterior paint? Misty could be your perfect pick: it pairs perfectly with everything outdoors!