“A Matter of Light: the Art of Andre Pater”


“A Matter of Light, the Art of Andre Pater”  to be released this Fall 2019, is the first comprehensive overview of the artist work ever published.
With a foreword by the Duke of Devonshire, the main  essay by sporting art expert Lorian Peralta-Ramos,  edited by Claudia Pfeiffer, “A Matter of Light “ is artfully designed by Bill Roughen, and published by Fincastle Publishing.
The 240-page coffee table book includes over 200 selected paintings and drawings, along with writings, musings, observations and essays about Andre Pater's life and work. 
In 11 visually delightful chapters the book shines light on Pater’s artistic periods , and how his style and technique evolved through years and a gamut of subjects from equestrian through historical and genre paintings to his  recent Native American portrayals.

“A Matter of Light, the Art of Andre Pater”

  By Andre Pater  

  With Contributors and a Foreword by the   Duke of Devonshire

Fincastle Publishing