Super Mom: Sandy Allnutt

lauren rogers


Sandy Allnutt may be a Real Estate Super Star, but she is a Super Mom above all else. As a wife of a supportive husband for 20 years, mom of

three wonderful children, co-owner of The Agency and Team Leader and Broker Associate of the Allnutt Group, balance may be hard to come by for Sandy and her family, but finding time to make her kids feel special and loved is always at the top of her priority list. “I want to give my kids the best upbringing I possibly can, create special memories of their childhood, and raise them to be equipped to be successful adults in whatever way they define that,” Sandy shares.

Speaking of the definition of success, after entering into Real Estate sales full time in 2004, Sandy and Aaron formed The Allnutt Group in 2011. Since then, she has consistently been a top producer “with her team’s 2015-2018 production ranking them in the top 1% of LBAR production.” As a testimony to her passion for learning, Sandy values education, is a lifetime member of the Top Producers Club, has earned the Certified Residential Specialist, Accredited Buyer Representative, Seniors Real Estate Specialist, Seller Representative Specialist and Graduate Realtor Institute designations. Additionally, Sandy also earned the Certified Residential Specialist, which only 4% of all real estate agents across the US hold!

As impressive as these accolades may be, Sandy admits that being a working mom is difficult at times. “Some weeks I feel like I do really well, and others I feel like I totally failed and become overwhelmed. I wonder if I gave each kid enough attention, was too tough on one of them, or am missing out on home life by working too much.” When those feelings set in, however, she is reminded of the joy that motherhood brings and the rewards that come with it. “For me, the most rewarding part of being a mom is the love you give and get and the joy of watching a baby grow into a fine young man or woman,” she says”. “I love modeling that adults aren’t perfect. We all make mistakes, and I love seeing the growth and maturity of my children as they learn to navigate difficult situations.”

One of her favorite ways to spend quality time with each of her three children, Tyler (19), Olivia (17), and Addison (7), is to take one-on-one mother/kiddo trips. She smiles remembering, “I have taken Tyler to Germany, Olivia to New York, & Addison to Chicago creating sweet memories with each; and we also do smaller one-on-one local trips.” Sandy and her family also value eating together as a family and enjoy relaxing by watching movies, hiking, shopping and vacationing together, which they set aside time to do multiple times a year to totally unwind and connect. Sandy expands, “Because of our hectic work schedule, we go on 3-4 family vacations a year and find that it really helps us to reconnect and reset.” These days, Sandy is a big advocate for progress over perfection and she takes each experience as a mom, both the wins and losses, as an opportunity to learn. She says, “I don’t believe I’m a super mom, but I try really hard to be the best mom I can be! I have grown along the way, and I have more growing to do.”


TOPS: What advice do you have for other moms?

Sandy Allnutt: Spend one on one time with each kid. Put your phone away! My morning fitness routine, yoga, & time with friends has helped encourage me to be a better mom. Don’t be afraid to delegate. Have the kids help out by giving them chores and teaching them how to do those chores.

TOPS: What is one component that has continued to encourage you as a mom?
SA: I’ve found it beneficial to be in a community with other moms who are in the same stage as I’m in like Mom’s Day Out

programs when the kids were younger, accountability groups and Bible studies with women.

TOPS: How do you manage to balance your time with work, social, health and family obligations?

SA: This one can be a challenge at times for me! If it’s not in my schedule, it doesn’t exist. I schedule family vacations, events and kids’ school activities first, and then work around that. I have fitness & social in my schedule as well. It’s helped that I have a supportive husband who helps out and has picked up the load at home when I worked longer hours, who also cooks great meals for the family!