Savin' Face


My obsession with all things southern started when I was young. Southern, synonymous for: our food (universal word for casseroles), charming hospitality, representing the SEC, and most of all - our hair and makeup.

Beauty comes in all shapes, sizes and colors. ere is no standard for what is beautiful. Some of you gals are lucky enough to be natural beauties. I unfortunately did not inherit that gene but when I put on my makeup, tease my hair (using almost an entire can of Big Sexy hairspray) and put on my oversized jewelry and 3’ heels, I can conuer the world. is entire process has become my suit of armor and I can close any deal or overcome any obstacle as long as I have it on. My spirit animal is Dolly Parton and I am whole heartedly doing my very best to make her proud, one can of hairspray, shot of Botox and cosmetic procedure at a time. My look is somewhere between a 1986 Miss Texas and a news anchor. It will not be everyone’s style, but we all have one thing that bonds us… we are all getting older. It was easy being pretty when you were 20. It takes more work (and duct tape) after 40. I’ve got a few tricks up my oral-printed sleeve that all of us gals can benfit from, no matter your shape, style or age.

My hope is that we become the very best of friends over the upcoming issues and that each month, we discover the latest secrets in anti-aging. I am all about Savin’Face.

Let’s start with a few products that I use every single day. Keep in mind this advice from my role model: it’s expensive to look this cheap. Until nexttime, girls!