Super Mom: Antoinette Goss Johnson

Lauren Rogers


For Antoinette Goss Johnson, motherhood was just the motivation she needed to grow into the person she was destined to become. Though Antoinette works full time in advertising and video production for The Medical Institute of Kentucky, when her daughter Royce came into the world four years ago, she felt entrepreneurship calling. Shortly thereafter, Antoinette launched Reine Accessories, an online girl’s boutique that as she says, “provides little queens with accessories that match their big personalities.” Antoinette shares, “Motherhood motivated me to start my own business so that I could leave a legacy for my daughter and I don’t think I would be the person I am today if it wasn’t for motherhood.” She continues, “Seeing my daughter imitate everything I do inspires me to be a super mom. I’m the example that she is going to go by, and though that comes with a lot of pressure, I love it!” Royce is already following her mother’s business savvy footsteps, helping to select all the inventory for Reine Accessories and finding interesting and standout fashion items for their online boutique. “As Royce gets older, she is becoming very opinionated and I love it! Even at the age of 4 she knows what she likes and what she doesn’t like. Nothing makes me happier than seeing the accessories she picks out and how they represent her personality.” She adds,

“Watching my little one morph into her own person is the most rewarding part about motherhood. I can remember feeling her kicks when I was pregnant and wondering what she was going to be like. I put a lot of pride in raising a little girl into a woman, and I want her to be confident and strong. I want her to know her worth, and I want her to know that no one can stop her from accomplishing her dreams.”

To that end, one piece of advice that Antoinette suggests to all moms, (and that she has followed herself,) is not looking at motherhood as a roadblock. Instead, she encourages others to use motherhood as a tool and a standard to always be your best. Antoinette says, “Motherhood is tough, and it is easy to get so caught up in taking care of others that you forget to take care of yourself.” But Antoinette’s definition of taking care of one’s self goes way beyond selfcare, though she says that plays an important part too.  She stresses that mothers need to also “take care of your hopes and dreams and taking the time to tend to them and to not let them fall to the wayside” She continues, “being a mother may be stressful at times but don’t let moments of stress get in the way of dreams you’ve had for a lifetime.” While this may be easier said than done, remembering that you can accomplish anything is key. “My biggest challenge is making sure I don’t get in the way of my own success,” she admits.  “Any time I feel like I am doubting myself or talking myself out of doing something I want to; I know that is just fear wanting me to stay afraid In order to keep going, I have to tell myself to get those negative thoughts out of my head.”

Other tools that have helped Antoinette include time management and creating treasured moments with her family at home “For me, everything fell in place once I slowed down and took the time to see how I was spending my time, and what I was doing I then realized that I was not managing my time well at all and was able to make adjustments.” One of her absolute musts each day is making breakfast for her family and getting creative in the kitchen with her daughter each evening: her favorite part of the day. Fueled by passion, delicious plant-based meals, and the love from her family, late nights spent fulfilling orders for Reine Accessories, looking for new inventory and coming up with content to post to my brand social media page and juggling a 9-5 career don’t seem nearly as late, or as labor-some. And, Antoinette admits she has one very amazing husband on her side to whom she credits her success. She shares, “Honestly, I don’t think I’d be as much of a super mom if it wasn’t for my super husband! Shawn makes my life very stress free because I know that if something comes up, I don’t have to fight it alone, and that we can fight it together. From the moment we found out we were going to be parents, he’s always made me feel like I could do it, and I really value that about him.”