Holiday Entertaining


Healthy Living Chef and Expert Entertainer Kate Horning Shares Her Holiday Entertaining Tips!

Greet them grandly

Don’t skimp on your décor in the foyer! Your front entrance is your guest’s first impression and it is the last room they will see at the end of the night.

Small plates

If you are not having a sit-down dinner, stick to foods that can easily be served on small plates so guests can carry it around and mingle though out the party. Set out small plates and napkins
in multiple areas, so you don’t interrupt traffic flow. A filling charcuterie board, hearty bruschetta and hand held steak hors d’oeuvre is easy to eat and won’t leave your guests hungry.

Signature cocktails

Feature a signature cocktail. This special touch will invite guests to help themselves. It keeps you from acting as bartender, and adds a festive flair.

Mix & match

When it comes to your holiday tablescape, sometimes different patterns have a way of working out. Don’t have 8 matching plates and napkins? No problem! Have fun with your tablescape by mixing and matching your favorite pieces.

Offer a sweet treat

It wouldn’t be Christmas without a cookie. With all the salty snacks around, don’t forget about your sweet toothed friends.

Shop local

The holiday season is a great time of year to support local business owners. When your guests ask where you purchased your festive décor, you can send them over to your favorite local shop.

The perfect charcuterie board

There’s nothing I enjoy more than everyone gathered around a big cheese board enjoying the variety of flavors and textures. It’s the absolute best way to start a meal and totally removes the stress of hosting so that you can get to what entertaining is truly about - slowing down and savoring the moment with family, friends and a good glass of wine!

Select three to four different cheeses. The key is picking out a range of cheeses so that you have something that suits everyone’s palate.

Choose 3 meets that pair well with your cheeses. Adding shrimp offers a hearty option for your meat- free friends.

Add in a jam chutney, spread or local honey for sweetness.

Add dried fruits (such as apricots, figs or dates), fresh fruit (like grapes) or seasonal fruit like berries and apples. This adds color and a sweet flavor to the board.

Top off your board with olives and nuts - marcona almonds, pecans or walnuts being my favorites.

Finally, add a variety of crackers. Offering a baguette is a good option to fill up your guests.