Savin Face: Comfort + Support

Jayme Jackson


Girls, there is something that I just need to get off my chest. I’ve been wearing the wrong bra. Consider this an intervention for my fellow “well endowed, cup runneth over” friends. Even if you do not fall under that category, help a sister out and let this serve as a PSA to all of your busty buddies.

I have been overly blessed in the bosom department which will make half of you roll your eyes. The other half of you will sympathize with me, knowing that if given the chance, there are plenty of days I would like to deflate these puppies. Want to wear that low-cut blouse to work? Can’t - it’s just too much. Want to wear that cute button up? Nope - the buttons will gape open and potentially shoot someone’s eye out. Then there is the added bonus of the permanent indentations that I get on my shoulders from lugging these jugs around all day.

Recently, a Bra Goddess entered my life at Dillards and everything changed. First, I was fitted. Let me clarify. I was fitted properly - and not for a universal bra that lifts and pads and shapes - but for one that actually makes me look better. Want to lose 10lbs? Eat the cookie but wear the right bra. For us big chested gals, that is a minimizer.

Recently, a Bra Goddess entered my life at Dillards and everything changed!

Minimizers are designed to make your breasts appear smaller using two different techniques: lifting and redistributing your breast tissue. Minimizers come in different levels that promise reduce your size from one to three inches. And thankfully in 2020, they are pretty cute! Don’t get me wrong, they are not Hooters girl cute but they are tolerable. Wearing a minimizer makes biggest difference in my shape and the way my clothes fit. With the right bra, I can wear a size medium button up shirt instead of a large.

Experts say you need new bras every year. You may need to try on a few sizes to find your perfect fit but it’s out there. And when all else fails, keep in mind that the perfect solution to a bad hair day is a low- cut blouse.


1 | soma “sensuous sides 3” minimizer bra

Available at Soma | $50

2 | chantelle “c-magnifique” minimizer bra

Available at Macy’s | $69