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First thing first: what is the pelvic floor? It’s a group of muscles across the base of the pelvis which support and control your organs, including the bladder, bowels and sexual organs. When these muscles weaken or shorten, a number of issues can arise, making daily life uncomfortable .Pelvic floor therapy is a specialized type of physical therapy that focuses on the treatment of the pelvic floor muscles. It can include a number of treatments to the muscles in and even surrounding the pelvic floor. Generally speaking, treatments focus on muscle strengthening, stretching, or reeducation. 

Pelvic floor therapy treats a number of diagnoses such as: urinary incontinence (leakage), urinary urgency, prolapse, interstitial cystitis, pain with intercourse, endometriosis, fecal incontinence, IBS, or chronic constipation.

Men have the same muscles in a slightly different orientation across the base of their pelvis. Men specifically may have urinary leakage after prostatectomy or prostate cancer treatments. Pelvic floor therapy can help these issues as well.

KORT has knowledgeable and professional clinicians who understand the unique challenges that pelvic floor issues present. KORT has more board-certified therapists than any other physical therapy group in Kentuckiana. For more information, or to schedule an appointment, visit 

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Imagine a primary care experience that is readily available, less rushed and leaves each patient feeling truly listened to and understood. Imagine physicians who make time to discuss a variety of treatments, both traditional and non-traditional, and who are happy to take a call or text to immediately and directly answer any follow-up questions or concerns. Imagine all of this in a convenient location in the heart of Lexington.

While that experience may be just a dream for many, Downtown Drs. Brown is a primary care office designed to make all of this possible, and more. The married two- physician team of Downtown Drs. Brown opened in September of 2018 at the corner of Jefferson and West 2nd Street in the former Jefferson Center Building. They opened their membership-based practice in an effort to circumvent many of the frustrations patients currently feel with primary care. Membership medicine, sometimes referred to as “concierge medicine”, is a form of medical practice that emphasizes wellness, disease prevention and the patient’s overall experience. A membership with Downtown Drs. Brown includes an annual comprehensive physical exam that delves into many aspects of physical and mental health, as well as lifestyle management. The result is a customized wellness plan with follow-up intervals, communication and support for optimum health and disease prevention.

Dr. Cady (Blackey) Brown and Dr. Ryan Brown are both trained in Internal Medicine and have been practicing for many years. They are thrilled to be able to offer a primary care experience that puts the focus on what’s most important: the doctor-patient relationship. The unique, upbeat practice is a breath of fresh air, making every experience a personal one. Downtown Drs. Brown are accepting new patients and are happy to set up a sit-down meeting with prospective patients to determine if they are the right fit.

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This year, it’s time to try something different to stay in shape! Ballroom Dancing is fast becoming one of the most popular sports to lose weight, stay fit, and have fun! Dancing with or without a partner during a private lesson will burn an average of anywhere from 450–600 calories at a time. Most students find that dancing is the equivalent of walking a mile and a half! It helps improve posture and body alignment, strengthening the body’s core abdominal muscles. Dancing offers many health benefits. Dancing improves the cardiovascular system, helping to prevent heart disease and has been scientifically proven to help prevent Alzheimer’s disease in older people who dance on a regular basis! It’s a great stress reliever, as well.

With so many different dances like Tango, Waltz, Rumba, Samba, and Quick Step, there is something for everyone. Try a free private lesson and see how easy and fun it can be with Lexington’s favorite dance studio! 

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In 2020, make a commitment to yourself! By choosing a membership at The Kentucky Castle Spa, you can indulge in self-care all year long. The membership is simple. Choose a select service (such as Therapeutic Massage, Fire & Ice Treatment, Microneedling or BBL) on a monthly or every other month basis. This flexibility allows members to choose the service that’s perfect for their individual needs during different times of the year. In addition to the wonderful selected service, members receive a 10% discount on any additional services or retail products from the spa throughout the year. Curious about BBL? This procedure uses cutting edge technology to restore the skin’s natural beauty, making it smoother, brighter and clearer. Broadband light (BBL) reduces reds and browns in aging or irritated skin and reduces pore size.

Memberships can be given as gifts, as well. Prices start at just $79 per month, so they’re perfect treats for every occasion!

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Taking an innovative approach to low back pain, Wellward has revolutionized regenerative therapies in the spine.

Disc issues, arthritis, stenosis, sciatica, pinched nerves and other conditions related to the back can cause a host of symptoms ranging from pain to leg weakness or difficulty walking. Wellward has radical therapies that can treat the issue at hand without surgery using your own stem cells and growth factors.

Regenerative injections aim to stimulate the body to repair itself in areas of degeneration. They have been used for decades on patients in pain from aging, overuse or injury. Treatment produces long- lasting relief through stimulating the body’s natural healing response. Most procedures are same day and you walkout on your own.

Dr. Danesh, a Johns Hopkins trained, double board certified physician, has been at the forefront of innovating sustainable treatments for injury and pain. One way he and the Wellward team get to the bottom of pain is a unique process he calls Pain Mapping. A clinician listens to each patient’s story. Together, they review any medical records and do a comprehensive review with a full workup that would otherwise take weeks or months to complete. Patients are given a full explanation of their pain, including triggers to avoid and a treatment plan to maximize health and recovery. This process empowers every patient and helps them thrive, even those with complex problems.

Wellward Regenerative Medicine believes in addressing pain through a comprehensive approach. They address what hurts rather than just masking it. By treating the source, they bridge the gap between functionality and pain. Their consultants are sub-specialty trained anesthesiologists, well versed in the latest technologies and techniques for addressing chronic, neuropathic or cancer-related pain.

Struggling with pain? Make 2020 the year you decide to choose regenerative medicine.

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Most of us will kick off the New Year with resolutions to eat healthy, exercise and lead a healthier lifestyle. Dr. Susan Neil, board certified in family medicine, supports all of these efforts and encourages her patients to adopt these habits throughout the year. Dr. Neil recognizes how difficult it is to achieve the ideal body shape and enjoys helping her patients accomplish their goals through Body Sculpting technologies, such as SculpSure 2.0.

SculpSure 2.0 Body Contouring offers a natural looking, slimmer appearance without surgery or downtime, by targeting and destroying fat cells safely in just 25 minutes without affecting the skin’s surface. This procedure is great for the abdomen, love handles, lower back and thighs. And it doesn’t stop there; it can also treat the area under the chin and Dr. Susan Neil is the only provider in the area to offer double chin treatments with SculpSure 2.0.

“SculpSure 2.0 is the fastest and most comfortable and customizable treatment for permanent fat reduction,” Dr. Neil explains. She looks forward to helping her patients in 2020.

2101 Nicholasville Road #206 | Lexington (859) 278-6345 


Tonya McCoy, a licensed esthetician of 12 years and small business owner, loves helping people feel confident and happy with how they look day to day. Her business, Studio Z Skincare, specializes in providing therapeutic skin care with a spa touch. Tonya has a background in massage therapy, so she is uniquely able to provide a relaxing experience alongside top-notch skin care. She and her team achieve amazing results, transforming their clients’ skin. One of Tonya’s favorite services is HydraFacial + Derma- planing. Dermaplaning was originally conceived as a way to exfoliate the skin to improve the appearance of wrinkles and skin tone. HydraFacial is designed to cleanse, extract and hydrate. Combine the two together for incredible, visible skin results.

Studio Z Skincare is a 4-suite location with 3 medically trained licensed estheticians and a licensed massage therapist. Tonya says that she and her team love getting to know clients and investing in each one.

111 Woodland Ave. | Lexington (859) 523-4278 vagaro/studiozskincare


Massage can be a deeply transformative experience. When the massage is performed by a skilled professional in a luxurious facility, the relaxation and rejuvenation is intensified. The Woodhouse Day Spa’s ambiance is upscale and contemporary, blending a Southern elegance with a serene, calming décor. Pair that with highly trained massage and spa professionals and the result is a spa unlike any other. The Woodhouse has a robust list of massage services available to their guests, ranging in length from 25 to 110 minutes. Therapeutic stone massage is a time-honored practice which brings deep, restorive rest. 

The Woodhouse’s therapist gently glides warmed stones over the body, soothing muscles and the mind. This increases circulation, improves tone and induces tranquility. This experience is available as a 50, 80 or 110-minute massage.

The Woodhouse Signature Four-Handed Massage is an award-winning indulgence.

Two therapists perform seamlessly choreographed, rhythmic movements that induce deep relaxation. Enjoy 80 minutes of renewal with a full-body massage, reflexology and scalp massage.

Want a truly tailored massage experience? Ask about adding Deep Tissue Pressure or Therapeutic Stones to any massage service. For added relaxation, add on a deep conditioning scalp massage or 25-minute aromatherapy bath cure.

The Woodhouse Day Spa offers over 100 specially curated services – including Hydrafacial treatments, spa manicures, waxing and more – designed to help guests relax, refresh and renew. With 17 treatment rooms and two spacious, quiet relaxation rooms for guests to enjoy before and after their treatments, the entire experience is one of relaxation.

Owners Jeff Chapman and Cheryl Rose opened their first spa in Crestview Hills, Kentucky in 2017 and have enjoyed incredible growth. They bring their knowledge and expertise to The Woodhouse franchise in Lexington Green, which is open 7 days a week.

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