LexGiveBack challenges Lexington to do good



LexGiveBack is a week-long community service project, during which individuals and organizations will be encouraged to engage in acts of compassion towards their fellow Lexingtonians. Mowing a lawn, serving at a soup kitchen, lending a hand… no act of compassion is too small!

#LexGiveBack is part of the Compassionate Lexington Campaign. It is organized as project of Leadership Lexington, and is affiliated with the International Charter for Compassion movement.

On Oct. 12, 2017, the LFUCG Council voted unanimously to designate Lexington as a Compassionate City, joining us with other cities across the globe who are part of the Charter for Compassion movement. #LexGiveBack is one of the ways we are living out this new identity.

You can register as an individual volunteer, a team of volunteers or as an organization in need of volunteers. Register now at lexgiveback.org. You can also follow Compassionate Lexington on Facebook.