Hometown Heroes: Drive-through Testing Team

Story by Rocko Jerome | Photo courtesy of Lexington Clinic


Drive-through Testing Team
Lexington Clinic

Always up for a challenge to serve the greater good, the staff at Lexington Clinic has adapted to these challenging times. With full personal protective equipment (PPE), these expert healthcare workers are accommodating the many symptomatic patients via drive-through COVID-19 testing, as ordered by their physicians.

“Knowing it takes an entire community to pull together in times of uncertainty, we are humbled to know our very own are showing up in the hardest of times,” says Dr. Andrew Henderson, CEO at Lexington Clinic. “They are working to serve our community and keep us safe while we all navigate through this pandemic together. We are enormously grateful to each and every worker on the frontline for the sacrifices they are making on behalf of all of us.”

The Lexington Clinic team working the drive-through testing operation includes Elizabeth Ison, Carmen Burchett, Elizabeth Jones, Amanda Glass, Melissa Whitman, Tara Holmes, Cheryl Conner, Hannah Rice and Angela Baranchak. All of them have contributed to this vital cause and helped to make this potentially life-saving measure during a difficult time into a reality.