Hometown Heroes: Rick & Tonya Parsons

Story by Rocko Jerome | Photo submitted


Rick & Tonya Parsons
Founders of Feed UK Hospitals

It’s hard to know the best way we can help in the ongoing battle against COVID-19. Thankfully, folks like Rick and Tonya Parsons have found a way we can all lend a hand. “Right from the onset of all this, we heard from a doctor at UK about the extreme stress that those in the medical field were already encountering,” says Tonya. “We wanted to find ways that we could relieve stress.” Rick adds, “We knew that we wanted to do something for these people there on the front line. We learned that medical care professionals are on the go constantly, and they just can’t easily leave. They need food, and that’s how we knew we could help out.”

Rick and Tonya work together in Small Business Accounting; they are both experts at problem-solving and coming up with ideas that put their entrepreneurial spirits to good work. They created Feed UK Hospitals ER, a group you can easily join via Facebook. All the money you donate is used by Rick and Tonya to buy food from local restaurants that go directly to the staff at UK hospital. In addition, restaurant gift cards are also given to these front line responders. As of this writing, donations are over $12,000. “All of this has really restored my faith in humanity,” says Rick. “We see so many people doing what they can where they can, and there are many good causes. It’s been fantastic to help create a sense of community. Hopefully, people will continue to find ways to be charitable, that this spirit continues after the pandemic.”

“It’s nice to be appreciated, but it’s not necessary,” Tonya says. “First-line responders are the heroes.”