Hometown Hero: Marcella Morton

Story by Rocko Jerome | Photo submitted


Marcella Morton
Nurse Tech at UK Healthcare

From a very early age, Marcella Morton has always wanted to help people. She comes from a big family, and when her siblings would sometimes fall, she was always the first to assist, ready to ease any injuries. “I guess it’s always been a part of my personality,” she says with a smile. 

Her passion for helping others turned into her career. Since 2006, Marcella has been proud to be part of the exemplary team at UK Healthcare. As a Nurse Tech, she provides care and support to patients, making sure that they have what they need at all times. Her talent and caring nature have never been needed more as we face COVID-19.

Marcella has witnessed heroism every day at work. “The staff and everyone I work with here has been amazing,” Marcella says, “It’s all hands on deck. Everybody on the frontlines is doing such a fantastic job!” UK Healthcare has gone above and beyond during this crisis. From a nationally recognized patient intake system to rapid testing, telecare, curbside clinic visits and other proactive safety measures, both COVID and non-COVID patients are in good hands. While Marcella is on the frontline, she says, “I just want to urge everyone at home to keep on being careful and maintaining social distancing. Try to stay safe, because that’s how we can all get back to normalcy.”