Hometown Hero: Travis Maupin

Story by Rocko Jerome | Photo submitted


Travis Maupin
Child Nutrition at Fayette County Public Schools

Travis Maupin is the Cafeteria Manager at Cardinal Valley Elementary School, and even during regular times, his work is vital- especially for kids who come from food-insecure homes. After a lifelong career in foodservice, he started working for Fayette County in 2008, which led him to Cardinal Valley in 2013. He’s been there ever since and found it to be a calling. “Feeding all the students is the most rewarding thing about this job, for sure,” he says. “I know that some might tend to overlook the importance of keeping school lunch programs going, but every day, I see how vital it truly is.”

That’s especially true right now. In the earliest days of this crisis, when schools were first closed, Travis and his team saw just how much their efforts are needed. “The numbers kept going up and up,” he recalls. “We were taking buses out to the bus stops to feed kids along the way, and we could tell that this was not a small responsibility.” Thanks to his tireless work and the aid of his tremendous staff and volunteers, a system is now in place to assist those in need. “Now they can come to us,” says Travis. “We can feed people from the front of the school. It’s all thanks to this group of people who have really put in hard work. I appreciate every day they show up and work, even on hard days. There have been a lot of those, but I can see that it’s getting better.”