Hometown Heroes: Central Emergency Physicians

Story by Rocko Jerome | Photo submitted


Central Emergency Physicians
Mark Spanier, MD  |  Lee Irwin, MD  |  Eric Ruschman, MD
Baptist Health

Baptist Health Lexington’s emergency department works as a team, with strength and training to take on any challenge, whether it’s treating COVID-19 patients or caring for other urgent medical needs every day throughout the year.

Is it safe to go to the emergency room? It absolutely is. In fact, Baptist Health Lexington earned the top rating of “A” for hospital safety from The Leapfrog Group, a national nonprofit healthcare rating organization. The ER team is dedicated to treating patients with the same quality and compassion they have always shown. 

Physicians across the hospital, including hospitalists and specialists, are sharing innovative ideas for resolving problems and conserving supplies. They receive strong support from the hospital’s administration, who are fully committed to reducing patient suffering.

“Kentucky is winning this battle thanks to our citizens and our healthcare workers,” said Dr. Mark Spanier, of Central Kentucky Emergency Physicians. “Social distancing has lessened the spread of COVID-19, allowed us to develop better treatment plans, and allowed for more resources to be obtained, all so that we in healthcare can keep more Kentuckians alive.”