Leading Ladies: Shalimar Norris


Meet: Shalimar Norris, Owner/Agent, Shalimar Norris State Farm

859-266-9820 // 108 Pasadena Dr. #100 // shalimarnorris.com


Tell us about your career path.

I accepted a position for a direct door to door sales person for the Kirby company about 15 years ago and I learned quickly that I loved being in charge of my own schedule and earnings, that I was a risk taker and that I wanted to work for myself. I ultimately opened my own distributorship alongside my husband who initially introduced me to the industry. 

"I love to dance in the kitchen with my family and cook new recipes!"

Almost 2 years ago, I knew I wanted to take the things that I had learned during those years, and create something fresh and new for myself and my family. I started dedicating my time and resources to my passion for becoming an agent and never looked back.


How do you balance your work, family and social obligations?

I bring my work home, if you will. I share my challenges and my successes with my family, and I count on them to share theirs with me as well. I don’t do anything work related on Sundays – that day is for just reconnecting with my son and husband, and I make sure to stay true to that. 

Being a business owner sometimes means you are always at work, so having a family that is supportive and understanding while also sharing the vision of our family’s shared “bigger picture” makes it easy.


What advice do you have for other leaders?

Value the people that you serve, whether it’s in the restaurant industry, retail or owning a business of any kind. The people that need our services are the reason we’re able to feed our family. 

When you ask them how their day is, really stop and listen: you'll find out how you can help them, and you never know when you’ll meet someone who will influence a positive change in your future somehow.