Leading Ladies: Cassie Slone & Lindy Hester


Meet: Cassie Slone & Lindy Hester, The Foster Care Council

239-248-7699 // 2121 Richmond Rd. Ste. 105 // thefostercarecouncil.com


Cassie, tell us about your work.

In 2005, my family and I moved to Naples, Florida for my husband's work. There, I became very involved in a local charity and learned of the many unmet needs of foster children. In 2010, my family and I decided to move back to Lexington. I soon realized that Kentucky's foster children also had many unmet needs. In 2012 I filed for a 501c3 and started a charity to help provide this population of children with the resources they desperately needed and deserved. The Council has been operating for nine years thanks to our community supporters and volunteers.

"Studio ThriftyFor the Kids is only offered to foster families, at no charge!"


How do you balance work and life, Lindy?

I am blessed to have a job that doesn't feel like work because I love it.  Cassie and I, along with our Board of Directors, have a great working relationship.  We have developed close friendships in the group which allows everyone to bring their particular strength to the table to get the jobs done.

It's certainly challening to make time for yourself and your family while keeping "all the balls in the air"!


How has COVID affected the Council?

We typically only have one family at a time shop at our gently-worn clothing boutique, Studio "ThriftyFor" the Kids, which is not open to the public. During COVID, we allowed only the case manager or one foster parent come and shop for their foster kids. We really miss seeing their smiling faces and can't wait to see them back in the boutique.

Fundraising and grant opportunities have drastically decreased. Our foster children's needs didn't lessen because of the pandemic.  They need us even more now!