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Leading Ladies: Christie Evans


Meet: Christie Evans, Co-Owner, The Urban Squirrel

859-382-2265 // 203 Lisle Industrial Ave. //


Tell us about your career path.

I began my career as an Interior Designer.  Working with some of the most creative and innovative female designers in that business taught me so much. I then went on to help run my family business, Interstate Fence Supply, which was invaluable in sharpening my business skills. These experiences lead me to where I am today!

"I am the go-to trip planner for all my friends and family!"


What motivates you?

No doubt my children, Alley (15) and Case (13). I want them to see that hard work truly does pay off. They saw The Urban Squirrel go from a set of blueprints to what it is today.


How do you balance all of your obligations?

Well... it isn't easy. However, I have always been a planner. I make lists in my favorite planner and I use post-it notes... lots of post-it notes! I over-communicate instructions and expectations to everyone involved.  It truly is a team effort and I couldn't do it without my husband and co-owner, Vance. 

Finally, I have to say no sometimes. I think women put a lot of pressure on ourselves to have to "do it all." 


What are your secret weapons?

My mad multi-tasking skills, coupled with using technology to the fullest extent!  Having access to the latest and greatest technology (as well as people that can show me how to use it) is key. Plus, my willingness and ability to help a customer – all while watching a basketball game or a dance competition – allows me to keep on keeping on!