Leading Ladies: Lauren West


Meet: Lauren West Co-Owner, Peplum & Owner, Drybar

824 Euclid Ave #103 // 859-269-0009 // PeplumLexington.com


How do you juggle your commitments?

Creating a life that I love to live and am proud of is my goal every day. There is no way I would have been able to accomplish the things I've done without such a strong support system. My mom does a lot of work behind the scenes and is such a great sounding board. My sisters and girlfriends give me feedback on business ideas. It's a blessing to have them in my corner. My team at work is all female and I feel so lucky to work with such talented and dynamic women. It really does take a village!


"I have Type 1 Diabetes, as do my two sisters. Living with a chronic disease has taught me to see the importance of always seeing life as 'glass half full'!"

What’s your secret weapon?

My secret weapon is a little trick I call "never let them see you sweat." Any time I am unsure, feeling unconfident or depleted, I tap into that deep place most of us don't even know exists within ourselves. I force myself to exude a calm, positive, confident demeanor and I will myself to push through.

Don't get me wrong: there are plenty of times I choose to be vulnerable in my personal life, but toughness and grit have been invaluable to me as a small business owner, especially during unprecedented times like a worldwide pandemic.


What motivates you in your work?

Other women! Our clients have become friends. Their energy and enthusiasm for our brand make us want to be better, and work harder everyday!


What advice do you have for other Leading Ladies?

You must be relentless in the pursuit of your dreams. There have been many times I’ve felt discouraged or frustrated, and the natural human reaction is to quit. Those moments are when you have to force yourself to push through and get across the finish line. No one is going to do the hard work for you.