Leading Ladies: Ranada Riley


Meet: Ranada Riley, Executive Chef and Co-Owner, Ranada's Bistro & Bar

400 Old Vine St. #106 // ranadas.com


Tell us about your career path.

I've worked from the ground up. I’ve been able to work along side amazing James Beard and Michelin star chefs, birth 2 restaurants and lead countless efforts to raise awareness for local and national community initiatives through food.


Who inspires you?

The people we cook for every day. My amazing staff that puts in long hours and hard work to create great food and experiences. The entire restaurant community, especially during COVID-19, who advocate for the importance of our industry.


What is your biggest challenge as a Leading Lady in your industry?

Having people doubt women’s ability to lead. Lexington is so rich with amazing female Chef/Owners! We can and do work together.