At Home DIY: Dino Garden

By Jessi Tevis


Dinosaurs and dirt are some of my boys’ favorite things. Plus, they love being outside and so does their mama! I was running out of sensory bin ideas and materials and in a search for things to do outside, I stumbled on an idea for real-life play with toy dinosaurs. I’d always thought the little fairy gardens were so neat, but... boys. Enter our “Dino Garden”.

I had an old fire pit that had a rusted out bottom and was on the verge of being tossed. I laid some landscapers fabric down and the boys and I headed to Walmart! Our goal was to keep it cheap, and use the resources we already had if we could. We picked up some soil and some plants on clearance. (I had no clue what we were buying, we were looking for things that looked “dino-y”.)

While the boys napped, I got to have some fun putting it together! I took a water bottle and hot glued some bark to it for a little tunnel, painted a terra-cotta dish for a little body of water, and added some pebbles to the soil and plants! I had two happy little boys when they woke up, all for a total of $8. It was a win for me, too!

The Dino Garden was actually very visually appealing...much better than the random rusted fire pit! Now, our mystery plant is blooming, our herbs are shooting up and are looking like real trees and the boys play in it all the time! The best thing about it is it can be done in any type of container, using lots of things you already have! And if you’re a boy momma, I know you’ve got plenty of toy dinosaurs laying around.