WOW Wedding: Logan + Trent

By Amanda Harper | Photos by Madison Renee Photography


This couple from Stanford, Kentucky originally had grand plans to celebrate their love, but COVID-19 changed everything. Both coming from families with deep connections to Kentucky for generations, the couple realized that switching the venue to Logan’s parents’ home made the day even more meaningful. Surrounded by their loved ones, they built a celebration that nothing could put a damper on.

“Our advice for other couples would be to make sure you spend time with each other on your wedding day,” Logan said. “It is easy to get caught up chatting with and greeting guests. Remember that this day is to celebrate your love and commitment to each other. Take in the day together and enjoy every second of it.” One way Logan and Trenton did that was by sharing a first look moment before the ceremony.

To create a grand entrance for the bride, her father handmade a set of double doors, placed at the end of the aisle and flanked by barrels. Two old pews recovered from an abandoned church were refinished for the couple’s parents to sit on. Draped fabric, a spray of flowers and a chandelier marked the altar. Trenton sported a pair of cufflinks that featured his late grandfather’s thumbprints, keeping his memory close through the special day. All these touches made the intimate ceremony unforgettable.

The reception decor played on a palette of dusty blues with neutral, blush and gold accents. A grand floral arch featuring a sign bearing the couple’s new last name served as a photo op for guests. Tables were set family style so everyone could be together, with vintage-style goblets and blue linen napkins at the head table. In addition to a wedding cake, a pecan pie served as the “groom’s cake.”

To symbolize their growing love and life together, the couple planted a tree in the front yard. Not only will the tree honor their wedding day, but they will get to see it grow as the years go by. At the reception, the couple dug up a bottle of bourbon they had buried a month before the wedding, an old wive’s tale meant to bring good weather. It didn’t exactly work. But the couple said that if they had it all to do over again, they would actually stress less about the rainy forecast. “The weather turned out to be perfect for the ceremony and pictures,” Logan said. “Plus, the rain in the evening made for a more memorable night.”

The guests certainly seemed to think so. They danced and laughed throughout the evening, even as the rain began to pour. “Not a soul left,” Logan reflected. “There is nothing more joyful than dancing, soaking wet, with your best friends while celebrating love!”