At Home DIY: Ice Paint

By Jessi Turner, Fruitful Phases


Planning fun things for a three year old that a one year old can also do isn’t always easy! They love to be outside and my oldest loves a good “craft”. This ice paint was the perfect summer day activity!

My youngest will eat just about anything you put in front of him, whether it’s food or not. I was worried the little guy would think they were popsicles, but once he saw the magic on the paper, he was all about it. The best part about it was that it was easy to make!

Simply put some tempera paint into an ice cube tray and mix it with a bit of water. Then, cover the tray with foil, cut slits in the foil for popsicle sticks. (I’ve also seen it done with square ice cube molds and MegaBlocks instead of popsicle sticks.) Freeze and PLAY!

I just laid some paper down on the driveway and let them go to town! They loved getting to paint outside, and loved mixing the colors on the paper. Their finished product wasn’t a framer by any means, but it kept them entertained for a while...and that’s a big win!