At Home DIY: Back to School

Jessi Turner


This year we may not be back to school the way we’d like to be. Most families are learning from home, and as a parent you may be “Doing it Yourself”- probably not the DIY project we had in mind! The good news is that our youngsters are easy to please, and it doesn’t take much time or materials to fill your child’s day with fun activities that are also educational.

Even as an elementary school teacher, I’m guilty of finding myself browsing Pinterest or Instagram for activities that take too much time to set up for the amount of time the kids actually spend using them! It does not have to be that hard! A roll of paper, some Post-Its, dot stickers, and painters tape allow for an endless amount of activities for kids of all ages! And I’ll admit, a lot of these ideas I’ve not come up with on my own (thanks to other Momma’s blogging about their at-home adventures), but I have been able to get creative with my boys in trying new activities that we’ve come up with together.

I love to tape a big sheet of paper to the wall, whether you’re allowing some time for free drawing or have a matching activity set up, it’s always more fun to do on the wall than on a plain sheet of paper! Using painters tape & Post-Its to set up sorts is another favorite. My one year old does color sorts with Post-Its, but you could even sort words or math equations for your older child. Think simple, think fine-motor, think applicable. Make holiday sorts, create spelling activities, matching games, or allow for free play... all with just a few cheap materials on hand. Learning can be fun, even for you!