Cruising: Vintage Airstreams

Donna Ison


Her name is Lilly. Born in 1966, she's a classic, all curves and charm. When writer and serial entrepreneur Leslie Frazier Whaley saw Lilly, a 22-foot Airstream Safari, at an antique mall in Ohio, she knew immediately they would be partners in travel and shenanigans. The trailer has proved the perfect place for relaxing, recharging and retrovating. Using her keen design eye, Leslie is bringing Lilly back to her original splendor. She says, "I love that she is perfectly imperfect. She's got little scratches and dents, chips in the wood, a latch just broke last week. But that's just part of her adventure map. I like my tiny time-capsule. My only regret is I don't take her out more often."

Leslie enjoys journeying alone but loves meeting fellow travelers at rallies and music festivals along the road. These days, more and more people are loading up and hitting the highway, with RV-ing surging in popularity over the summer of 2020. Perhaps because an Airstream travel trailer is like optimism on wheels, reminding us that there are still beautiful sights to be seen and simple pleasures, like singing to the radio with all the windows rolled down, to be enjoyed.