Let's All Go to the Drive-in!

Donna Ison


Hot dogs dancing across the big screen. Angora sweaters and wandering hands. A crackling speaker hanging off the car. These were the sights and sounds of the drive-in movie theater.

When the cost was $1.50 per car, you piled as many people as possible in the old Ford Fairlane and headed off to see Rebel Without a Cause. Unless, of course, you and your sweetheart needed the whole backseat to yourselves.

Though the concept of the drive-in was patented in 1933,  it was the teenagers of the 1950s who made it the most popular place to be on Saturday night. Ever since, small-town theaters across America have been filled with families, first dates, and friends watching flicks and pigging out on concession stand staples like popcorn, pizza, fountain soda, and soft-serve ice cream—yum.

You can still get a taste of this fifties favorite, with a double pump of extra butter, right here in central Kentucky at the Bourbon Drive-In.  Each weekend through October, you can head to Paris for a classic film and some classic fun in a socially-distanced environment. Either stay in your car or bring a chair, and then tune your radio to 88.3 FM, sit back, relax, and enjoy the show. thebourbondrivein.com