At Home DIY: Indoor Winter Accessories

Jessi Turner



Winter with little kids (in the middle of a pandemic) is hard! Long gone are our outdoor playdates and the messes that we could leave outside. Unless there’s snow to play with, we’re stuck inside. With that said, while our options may be limited we can still have lots of fun inside, too! Check out these four ideas to keep your littles busy during these cold, winter months!


Snow Slime

            I know, I know...slime gets a bad wrap with parents but the kids LOVE it. This recipe is super simple, and it’s not the “stick to your fingers” kind of slime. Simply mix 4 oz. (1 bottle) white Elmer’s glue, ½ tbsp baking soda,  and 1 tbsp contact solution. We added some iridescent glitter and foam beads for some extra snow fun!


Block Bath

Can I get an amen for a good afternoon bath for the kids?! I’ve been known to throw my kiddos in the bath when we just need something to do, or when I need to get some work boys have always loved it! A block bath, though...those are special! Simply throw those MegaBlocks in the bathtub and let them play. The kids think it’s so cool to build IN the bath, and the blocks dry out perfectly!


Water Snow Table

            You know that water table you had outside all summer, bring that bad boy inside when the kids are begging to play in the snow, but the weather is miserable! This works especially well for toddlers. The snow is all fun and games until you get outside and the cold takes away the fun. We’ve done this numerous times. We throw a big blanket down and bring the snow inside. It’s the best of both worlds!


Play Tray

This is another great one for the toddlers! I simply rounded up anything in my house that would resemble snow: from cotton balls, to poms, to foam beads! Then I threw in some little winter trees I was using for decor and the construction vehicles. This kept my almost two year old entertained for almost 20 minutes, and that’s saying a lot for my busy guy!


I’m all for using what we already have at the house to make an ordinary day stuck inside a fun one. Hope you’re able to make the best of the coming days this winter with your littles!

~ Fruitful Phases Blog