Savin' Face | Makeup Do’s and Dont's from the Pro

Jayme Jackson


Makeup Do’s and Don’ts from the Pro

A couple of months ago, I had the privilege of having my makeup done by Lexington’s top “makeup magician” Brittney Moses.  Britt has dolled up the faces of the most beautiful people in Lexington be it on their wedding day, magazine cover shoots, tv commercials, book covers, billboards just to name a few. Needless to say, I was honored.

Now, Y’all know that I LOVE makeup, a full face of coverage makes me feel invincible but, as I am getting a bit older my makeup routine has needed an update. The shimmers and heavy powders that I have used for the past 20 years are now highlighting fine lines and creases.  Enter, Britt Moses is a professional makeup artist that understudied with the world-renowned celebrity makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic.   I asked Britt to give us gals some makeup tips as we head into 2021 and here is what she said:

1) Using too much powder. Give your skin a subtle glow by only powdering under the eyes and in the T-zone. The rest of your face should be able to breathe and glow. 

2) Trying techniques that will not work for their features. Just because a Youtuber does it, doesn’t mean it looks good on everyone. Check out your own features! Are your eyes hooded, lips already plump, skin textured? Use tried and true techniques for your unique features. 

3) Using shimmer past the lid up into the crease and brow area. Shimmer shows up…. everything. A light shimmer on the lid is gorgeous, and can really make the eyes stand out and look fresh. However, when a shimmer goes up past the lid, the entire eye look becomes “muddy” and undone. Contour your crease with a matte brown instead.

4) Not blending properly. Blend dark colors with lighter colors within the same family. When you think you’re perfectly blended, best to go ahead and blend some more. 

Now, the list goes on with more tips than I can list in this article, but I can tell you that I am an offender of every rule… I have to say that Britt managed to make my complexion look 5 years younger with less makeup that still made me feel like I had full coverage. I’ve been playing around with her techniques and I can see a positive difference.

In the words of my daddy “every barn needs a coat of paint” but there is nothing like having a professional painter.  For tips, tricks, and inspiration I would encourage you to check out Britt on her IG and You will quickly learn that her beauty is not only skin deep.