The JEAN-eology of The Perfect Fit For Your Shape


We all have our own shape and size, and the same goes for our jeans. Denim comes in so many shapes and sizes, which make them the perfect staple for any woman’s closet. But which style and silhouette is the perfect one for you? The length, the waist rise, flair or straight... the options are endless. We’re here to break it down for you so the next time you’re out shopping, you’ll know just what to look for!


Four Things To Know Before Jean Shopping

1. Define Your Size

Designers list their sizing differently, so it’s important to compare and decide what size will be the best and the most comfortable for you.

2. Understand the Fit

Pay attention to wording and style names when shopping for jeans. Words like “curvy”, “stretch”, “mid-rise”, etc will help you get an idea of the fabric and how the style will fit on your body.

3. Let The “Wash” Work For You

Want to feel slimmer or elongate your legs? Go for a darker “wash” in the denim you’re choosing. This means opting for a darker color versus the lighter shades. Want to show off your long legs? Choosing a lighter denim or distressed look will accentuate those features!

4. Take a 360° Approach

Before making a final decision, take a look from all angles in a 3-way mirror. That way you can see how they look from the back and sides as well as the front view. Want to test them even more? Try sitting down on a bench or do a couple of squats. If you still feel comfortable and they didn’t lose any form then they’ve passed the test!

The Rise (aka, to cover or not cover...)

The first place to start is the rise of your jeans and by rise we mean how high the top of your waistband reaches your navel.

Now, we all know the low-rise trend made its debut in the early 2000s, and these staple jeans are still being made. This can be the most flattering on many shapes.

You may be on the bandwagon for bringing the 90’s mom jeans back with a good high-rise pair of denim. Either way you go, there’s a flattering choice for every shape!

Low Rise

This style is categorized by jeans that hit about 2” below the navel and right on the hips. Now, for you curvy ladies, this might not be the best choice... but for thoes women with an athletic frame and slimmer waist, they can really pull off this style with comfort!

Mid Rise

This height is the average of the three and falls right below the navel. Not too low and not too high. A good mid-rise jean is a popular choice for all women as it’s very figure-friendly and can flatter all body shapes.

High Rise

For all of you ladies who love a good “waist-cinching” feel a high-rise jean is the style for you. With a waistband hitting at or above the navel, this has become a go-to trend for denim. As the 90s have shown us, these jeans have a magical way of slimming the waist and accentuating the hips so you can’t help but love them. A high-rise silhouette is a popular staple for curvier women with more of an hourglass or pear shape, but can still flatter an athletic frame just as well.



Despite the name, this style has nothing to do with the actual figure... it’s called “Skinny” because this jean is the skinniest at the ankle thanks to that marvelous stretch denim. Pair these with a stylish oversized sweater to accent the fitted bottom.

BODY TYPES: All Silhouettes!


Loose in fit and most of the time distressed. This pair of jeans has made its way into the go-to choice for most women. Pair it with a fitted top and cute pump and you’ve got yourself a winning look.

BODY TYPES: Apple, Athletic


As mentioned earlier, a high-rise silhouette is a popular staple for curvier women with more of an hourglass or pear shape but can be loved by all women as long as you find the perfect pair with the perfect inseam. Have fun with this style!

BODY TYPES: All Silhouettes!


This is your laid-back version of the Skinny jean. If you’re not a fan of anything too restricting, then opting for a straight leg might be your style! Pair this jean with a stylish flat and blazer for a classic look.

BODY TYPES: Apple, Hourglass, Athletic


More of a classic gal? You can never go wrong with a bootcut jean. Plus, with a cropped ankle height, you can pair these with an adorable pair of booties for a trendy winter look!

BODY TYPES: Athletic, Hourglass


The flared jean can come in a wide range to fit your personal style. Whether it’s a normal flare or bell-bottoms, this jean can compliment most body types. Oversized tops pair well to give that trendy 70’s vibe.

BODY TYPES: Hourglass, Pear


A perfect pair of vintage, distressed jeans are hard to beat. They truly are a staple all women should own. With their more faded color and distressed features, they flatter petite figures beautifully.

BODY TYPES: Athletic, Petite