Must Read, Must Stream: January


The History of Swear Words

Stream it on Netflix: January 5

You know from the title whether this one is for you. Let Nic Cage and a host of celebrities guide you through the wild history of dirty wordies. Obviously, one to watch once the kids are in bed.


Pieces of a Woman

Stream it on Netflix: January 5

Vanessa Kirby stars as a woman dealing with all-consuming grief in the year-long aftermath of an unsuccessful home birth. Expect lots of tears in this emotionally fraught drama.


The White Tiger

Stream it on Netflix: January 22

Based on the novel of the same name, this drama follows the ambitious driver for a rich Indian family. He works to escape poverty and become an entrepreneur.


Bride of the Sea

Eman Quotah: Read it January 26

This novel explores questions of identity. Told across two continents and four decades, this family drama tells the story of a young woman wrestling with her parents’ dreams for her.


Let Me Tell You What I Mean

Joan Didion: Read it January 26

While it’s not a new thriller, this is a collection of 12 previously uncollected early Didion essays. Get a glimpse into the mind and writing process of this beloved author.


The Push

Ashley Audrain: Read it January 5

A psychological drama about motherhood? This immersive novel will have you questioning everything right along with the main character. This tense, original work is a page-turner.