The Art Of Making Yourself Memorable


Stop! Right now. Now think, what was that one thing about your mother, grandmother, daddy, grandfather, or crazy Auntie Mame that was their signature style?

Our predecessors were far better at creating a sense of style than we are. Nostalgia - it’s magical and can muster up a plethora of emotions that can make you laugh or cry. In our defense, it’s hard to make Lulu and leggings memorable but that doesn’t stop our love for them. So as the world hopefully begins to open up and people have a much anticipated “re-entry” into civilization, what will make you memorable?

1. Jewelry

A charmed life! One of the things we love about jewelry is the story tied to it.

Charm Bracelet

They are back - and we sure hope they stay! It’s the story of your life wrapped around your wrist.

Right Hand Ring

They should be bold - they should have a presence and carry a wow factor.


We love a locket - What photos does yours have in it?

For The Men

Accessories like cuff links and college rings are statement jewelry pieces all men would be proud to wear. Maybe they’re significant to their wedding day, college football championship or birth of their first child.

2. Hair

We’ve got to get out of our ponytails and buns. We love them at home, but let’s be honest, they take no effort and they are causing our hair to fall out at our temples. Thankfully PRP therapy can help restore both men and women’s hair.

Invest in:

1. Color - Keep it up! Schedule your appointments ahead of time.

2. Dry Shampoo - It can buy you a day when you don’t have time to wash and blow-dry - skip pulling it up!

3. Hairspray - Big Sexy Hair is your best friend. Turn a normal-styled do into a pro-styled do.

4. Blow Dryer - invest in a good dryer and it will change the way your hair naturally lays to avoid using too much heat!

5. For the men - Beards! We love them but, they must be groomed. Use The Art of Shaving or Jack Black to keep it looking in tip-top shape.

3. Patterned Clothing

Do you get more compliments when you wear a pattern than a solid color? You should try it! Even a simple check or dot will make people notice you.

4. Makeup

Even if you are a natural beauty and don’t need much there are a few simple applications you can do to enhance that beautiful skin. Layer on a light coat of brown mascara and a dab of blush to your cheek, then follow up with a gloss that compliments your skin tone. You’ll be glowing all day!

Cool Undertones

If the vein in your wrist looks blue or if your skin tends to burn, then silver jewelry looks best and opt for rosey and beige tones in your makeup.

Warm Undertones

If your vein looks more on the green side and you tan easily, then gold jewelry should be your go-to. For makeup, oranges, coppers, and golds can create your winning look.

Neutral Undertones

If you have more pink and yellow tones in your skin then you’re one of the lucky ladies because you can wear anything! Your best colors in makeup would be pinks, romantic mauves, and even a pop of berry.

Play up your favorite features - if it’s your eyes then work on mastering the perfect “stand-out look”. Whatever you do, be consistent!

5. Your Scent

We relate scent to so many memories. We even develop opinions based upon it. Find one or two cologne or perfumes and wear them well.