Hiring Employees Who Are In Recovery

Jared Lee and Rebekah Gallutia


Special thanks to 2nd Chance Clinic | by Jared Lee and Rebekah Gallutia

Every hiring manager experiences the challenge of trying to find new employees. It often feels like exceptional candidates are few and far between, in any field. Some exceptional candidates are looked over because they are in active recovery.

Great candidates may be ruled out because they chose to disclose their recovery; others find themselves rejected because of what is revealed through a background check or gaps in employment on their resume.

The truth is, candidates in recovery can be an exceptional asset to any business. Some companies even go out of their way to hire candidates in recovery because they value the skills those members bring to the team.

Employee Loyalty

When someone in recovery finds an employer willing to give them a chance, they are extremely grateful. That gratitude can develop into loyalty to the business and often a desire to go above & beyond their expected duties to help the company succeed.

Productivity Boost

A person in recovery is smart and resilient, which is a recipe for success in today’s work environment. Often, they are more self-aware and have better restraint due to their support systems and stress management skills.

Improved Morale

People in recovery have a renewed sense of purpose in life and bring that energy with them into their work environment. Recovery teaches people the value of mindfulness and gratitude, which helps them to infuse their workplace with positivity. People in recovery are also more aware of the value of self-care, which reduces the chance that they will face career burnout.

Community Connections

Developing strong community connections with organizations, churches, and compassionate businesses are a natural part of the recovery process. These connections and relationship-building skills stay with a person for life. Plus, many consumers want to support recovery-friendly businesses!

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