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Lexington native Ben Pickett knew at the early age of five that he wanted to continue what his parents started with Joey’s Carpet Care. Established in 1980, Joey’s was Kentucky’s first internationally certified firm.

They provide a wide range of expert cleaning services, including residential/commercial carpet, upholstery, tile and grout, wood floor, and area rugs. They also provide odor removal, fabric protection, and 24-hour emergency water removal and structural drying services.

Ben received his first certification at age 12, and now, 23 years later, he takes great pride in being a second-generation owner and operator. It gives him great joy to bring his own boys to “Daddy’s work,” and he looks forward to the chance to teach them the same way he was taught.

At Joey’s Carpet Care, each team member strives to treat their customers the same way they want their own family members to be treated. When Ben sees a customer outside of their home, he wants them to be excited and appreciative of the personal service they received.

Ben’s father, Joey, was managing a local carpet cleaning franchise when the opportunity came to buy his own franchise. When he consulted with his father, Joey’s father suggested he start his own cleaning company rather than buy a franchise. The first Joey’s truck was a Volkswagen bus with a portable cleaning unit in the back.

With a desire to become the very best, Ben’s father became one of the first master certified cleaners in the world. By the late ‘80s, he became an instructor, teaching the certification courses throughout the US and Canada. Still instructing to this day, he has trained thousands of individuals in this industry.

Ben benefited from his father’s knowledge at a young age, hearing him instruct many employees. Over the years, Joey’s Carpet Care has kept education and training as important pillars to their business as they continued to add new services.

Over the last ten years, as hardwood floors have become increasingly popular, Ben and his father saw a new demand for the ability to deep clean synthetic and natural fiber area rugs. Today, their rug washing plant is a busy part of the company as they help restore rugs with the best products and processes available.

Newer fibers, such as viscose for rugs and upholstery, have become increasingly popular with designers and shines a bright light on the importance of making education a priority. These fibers require different chemistry and procedures to produce the best results. Ben and his team are never satisfied with being as good as they are; they want to be the best.

While Ben has been greatly influenced and trained by his father, his mother was also a great source of inspiration. She was a partner in the business from the very beginning and was also a master- certified cleaner. “She always told me to do everything in life as if I had to write my name on it,” Ben says. She was an example of hard work and generosity.

One of the most repeated phrases at Joey’s is, “Anything you tell someone beforehand is education, but anything you tell them afterwards is an excuse.” This idea sits at the center of their communications with clients.

Aside from the business, Ben is most passionate about his family. When not working, he spends time at home tinkering with home projects, doing yardwork and just enjoying the chaos of young children at home. One hobby Ben enjoys is bourbon collecting; he loves attending barrel picks. Ben says, “For me, I love all the things that define Kentucky; our heritage, bourbon, horse racing, and college sports.”

Detailed in-plant rug washing process from Ben’s perspective:

When a rug comes into our facility there is a particular process we follow. Depending on the composition of the rug, the process may vary.

Step 1: Inspect the rug. We want to identify the fibers the rug is made of, as well of how the rug is constructed. The inspection may find issues like damage to the structure of the rug (dry rot in the foundation, moth damage, excessive wear etc.) The structure of the rug will determine how we proceed.

Step 2: Dry soil removal. We will vacuum the surface of the rug, then continue the “dusting” process. Structurally sound rugs can be run through our automatic rug duster; this machine feeds the rug in face down and beats the back of the rug with nylon straps. The straps are gentle enough not to damage the rug but forceful enough to knock deeply embedded soil free from the rug’s foundation. If the rug can not be run through our automatic duster, we have other equipment to help with this embedded soil removal – on even the most fragile rugs – such as compressed air.

Step 3: Washing. This step is also dependent on the information we learned in the pre-inspection. A rug that has urine stains may be treated with an enzyme, but this same rug could have color bleeding, which requires us to have other specialized treatments ready. We wash the rugs on our wash floor, agitating the chosen rug shampoo with the appropriate hand brush or machine. After the detergent has been worked in, we will rinse the rugs with clean water. We will apply additional conditioners to the fringe and repeat the rinsing process as needed.

Step 4: Centrifuge. The centrifuge spins the rug, removing the remaining soil and water from the rug. During this step, we can continue to rinse more clean water through the rug while watching a clear sight tube, so that we know when the rug is fully clean.

Step 5: Groom the rug and brush the fringe, then hang in the in our climate-controlled drying room to dry.

Step 6: Final inspection. We dust it again and re-inspect for any additional treatments that may be needed.

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