At Home DIY: Outdoor Spring Fun!


As the days get warmer, I can hardly keep my boys inside! Spring is one of my favorites. I love to see the landscape change and see my kids appreciate the little things that we all missed during the winter season. This month I’m sharing two sensory bins you can throw together quickly, both that fit within a budget, but are sure to be a hit- one of them for inside, and one for those warmer days outside! There’s also a fun activity to do outside on a sunny day! These are great things to have prepared ahead of time so that you get to enjoy all of the other things you like to do in the spring too! For me, it’s working in my yard. Now to wait for all of the pretty spring blooms...

Spring Sensory Bin

My boys are 4 and 2, so finding a bin that is still exciting for my four-year-old, but not too complicated for my two-year-old can be a challenge. I’ve learned through experience that sometimes this means separate bins, but I also want them to be able to share successfully. For this bin, I literally ran into the Dollar Tree, bought some Easter grass, some spring creatures, etc. I added a tub of water (because it’s always a hit) and made an outdoor scene- grass, dirt (dry beans), and water. When they finished, the bin looked nothing like what it started as, but that’s okay because they had a blast. One thing to note about sensory bins- you can not mess these up! It’s all about exposure to different textures for your littles. While it’s fun to make them look pretty too, that’s not what it’s all about!

Wormy Sensory Bin

This one is FUN, but meant for outside. Take some dirt (I used some cheap potting soil) and mix in some cooked spaghetti noodles in an old bin. I added tweezers for the boys to have some fine motor practice while searching for the worms, but let’s be real... they got DIRTY! My two-year-old tends to veer away from touching unfamiliar things that leave a mess on his hands, so I was thrilled to see him with his hands in the muddy soil! My four-year-old ended up turning it into a competition to see who could find the most worms!

Chalk Shadow Art

All you need is sunshine and chalk for this activity! Simply trace the shadow of a person or toy animal...or whatever, really! My big boy wanted to be a superhero with big muscles. He said he had a “giant coloring page” on the driveway when we finished tracing!