I 'Peel' Good


Ever feel like you’ve got this rough, dry, or sun-damaged layer of skin on top of your face that you just want to scrub away? Then a chemical peel is the answer you’re looking for. There are so many benefits to using peels in your beauty routine, however it’s best to understand how they work before you dive right in...

The Benefits


Chemical peels have a way of lowering the pH level of the skin, therefore making bacteria uncomfortable and unable to survive. The result of this is a lower appearance of acne on the face. Peels help remove debris on the skin’s surface leaving a healthier complexion with fewer clogged pores.


Peels help remove dead skin that has settled into fine lines, therefore making them less visible to the normal eye. The best peel to use for this would be a medium-depth peel.


Our skin starts to feel dull because of the flaky, irregularly attached dead skin cells on the face. Using chemical peels can remove those cells leading to a more seamless appearance and beautiful glow.

The Types


These peels are mostly wanted to take dull-aged skin and give it a new brightness. Glycolic acid has components that help gently exfoliate the outer layer of the skin which makes it one of the mildest peels you can receive. Glycolic peels are great for acne, hyperpigmentation, and sun damage.


Salicylic acid is one that is effective at targeting the oil glands, therefore very beneficial for breakout-prone skin. If the skin is congested and damaged from acne, salicylic is oil-soluble so it is great for penetrating deeply into the pores to clear that congestion. Another benefit is that it clears away oils on the face that cause build-up and comedones (aka whiteheads and blackheads).


If the skin is suffering from scarring or pigmentation, you want to use a medium-depth peel that can penetrate deeper to those issues. However, this type of peel is medical-grade and can only be done by a licensed professional. TCA peels aren’t best for sensitive skin but have a great way of helping with minimizing fine lines, sun damage, and acne scars. This is the only peel that will cause peeling of the skin after application, therefore requiring a little bit of downtime.