Escape to the Lake - Casa Di Maria Al Lago



“Maria’s House at the Lake”

Settled at the waters edge, Celli (Chelle) Mowery has redeveloped two stunning lake properties perfect for those seeking to get away from the stress of everyday living!

“The summer of 2019 led us to Wood Creek Lake while seeking the perfect retreat where you could relax, rejuvenate your mind & most importantly, walk onto your dock, sit on the edge and dip your toes in the water,” Celli says. Just a few short months into the renovation, Celli’s mother Maria, a champion of the project, was diagnosed with bladder cancer and passed away in December 2019.

“Our team is amazing. With the help of Joe Martin (JM Construction) we were able to renovate what was a mess of a property and save it so my mother can shine from the heavens watching the kids swim, play and enjoy the beauty of this area.”

“I’ve watched some great family memories in the making. From a birthday celebration of our Queen of Clean Team Lead (Xochitl Cordero) where her children & their cousins jumped hand in hand in the water from Wood Creek’s amazing swimming holes, to groups of young cousins playing while their mothers and grandmother prepare a family meal in our expansive kitchen. Knowing these kids are catching fireflies, making s’mores and enjoying the outdoors is exactly what my mother would have wanted.”