Escape to the Lake -Casa Dei Nonni



“Grandparents House”

Just after opening Casa di Maria, Celli had an opportunity to purchase a second property, also along the lake. This property had been empty for years and it was dilapidated. The agent had told her that the owner (who also was Italian) had attempted to do some renovations in hopes that his grandchildren would come to visit. “During the escrow period I discovered he passed away on the same day as my Mother; I knew then that the house must be called Casa dei Nonni (Grandparents house) for him, and all grandparents who seek that special bond with their grandchildren. A luxury treetop paradise, all on one level, we hope that families and friends will enjoy memory making along the waters of Wood Creek.” 

“We’ve been so blessed to have the welcoming of London & its tourism division,” Celli says. Kelly Burton, Executive Director is an amazing resource in providing our guests with so many wonderful recommendations around London. What a welcoming committee to help our families feel right at home along our very special lake”

Those who book from their favorite vacation rental site (VRBO, Airbnb, Evolve, etc) should mention “TOPS” in their booking memo to receive a special welcome gift at the lake.

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