At Home DIY: Backyard Fun

Jessi Turner


August means back to the hustle and bustle of school and all the things that come with it! So, why not soak up those last days with some summer fun? It doesn’t take much to make memories that can last forever.

Outdoor Easel

The boys and I had so much fun with this one! It literally cost me $1. I picked up a clear shower curtain at the Dollar Tree and found two trees in my backyard. Using thumbtacks, I stretched the curtain tight and pinned it into the trees. We almost pinned it into the boys’ swing set but decided the trees made it more fun! We wanted a full outdoor painting experience, so we made our own nature paintbrushes. We simply found things around the yard and tied them to sticks. Then we mixed up some mud paint using dirt and water and the boys went to town! Regular paint and brushes would have totally worked, too. As a matter of fact, we plan to try that next time! They really enjoyed painting with all the different brushes they’d made, and the flower petals and fingers were also a hit. They were a mess afterwards, but nothing that a little sprinkler session wouldn’t fix!

Backyard Campout

This technically doesn’t qualify as a “DIY” but it sure is fun! Who says you have to travel to camp out? Make it a special family night by popping up the tent, grabbing the flashlights, and, of course, the smores supplies! My oldest still talks about this from last summer. And the reality of it is he didn’t even make it outside the entire night. Ha! He still thought it was the biggest deal. And he learned a lot through the process with his dad. He felt accomplished in seeing the tent complete. One of my favorite parts was that there were no phones, no tablets, or TVs. It was just us, and some sweet quality time I’ll cherish!