Home Color Forecast


Seasons are changing, which means we're all looking at the newest interior design trends on the horizon.

If you're ready for a change and want to give your home a little facelift, we're here to give you the one and only tip you need: use color!

That's right, home color trends have come a long way since the neutral gray and beige walls that we used to know
and love. Homes are now filled with bold and cheerful hues and we're being fully supportive. Who wouldn't love to walk into someone's home and be greeted with happiness... and by happiness, we mean golden yellows and sea blues.

Benjamin Moore carries interior paints that have been used and loved by people for many years and their 2021 Home Color Trends continued to steer us in the right direction. Their new releases include warm and cozy hues with their shining star being "Aegean Teal". This color is everything!

There's something about this beautiful teal color that seems to work in every room, no matter the placement or aesthetic and we're here to show you how!

When designing the kitchen, Aegean Teal works perfectly as an accent wall or even on the bottom section of your kitchen cabinets. Try it on the island alone or maybe a backsplash color for your built-in shelving.

Pairing this beautiful shade with natural woods is a winning combo in any kitchen.

Looking for accent colors to use in accessories or adjacent walls? Go for warm and inviting shades like "Chestertown Buff" or "Potters Clay". Even finding a vase or tea towels can create that cohesive yet unique kitchen atmosphere for you and all of your guests during the fall season.

Your home office should be a place that brings you joy and inspires you. Fill that space with color to help keep your mind alive and creative.

Whether it's applied to your desk, bookshelf, or an accent wall with some of your favorite reads and resources; any way you go, these beautiful shades will create a room you'll never want to leave.

The bathroom is a no-brainer when it comes to this beautiful shade of blue. What else looks more calming and clean?

Anytime you incorporate a cool tone paired with crisp whites and modern metals you've got a winning combo.

Paint your cabinets or an accent wall behind your sink to completely transform your simple bathroom to a luxurious escape.

Aegean Teal is also the perfect shade for a bedroom makeover. It's cool, yet cozy and creates the perfect foundation to build from.

Use it as an accent wall or maybe just a footboard below your bed. This beautiful shade pairs well with neutrals and whites so you can keep your bedding gender-neutral and the hubbs is satisfied!

Looking for those accents tones? Stick to the more neutral tones in the bedroom to keep from having too many colors in the room where you're meant to wind down and relax.