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Getting Organized with Cristy Sharp.


Recently TOPS was able to sit down with Cristy Sharp, the co-owner of LadyCat Packing & Organizing to get some tips on how to live a more organized life.

LadyCat Packing & Organizing, a sister company to Wildcat Moving, specializes in assisting those who are moving their home or business. Our team of professional packers are fast, efficient, and organized. Whether we are packing sections of the home or the entire home our team wraps necessary items and labels the boxes so that the move can be organized and seamless. Considering our team has also been trained in organizing and decluttering, some of our clients choose to use this time to utilize these services so that they don't take unwanted items to their new home.

We also offer home staging for people who know the value of creating a calm and inviting home for prospective buyers. We offer packing materials that can be purchased directly from us which can be instrumental in saving time and money.

One of the most beneficial services that we offer is our professional organizing services. Our team finds so much value in helping people to reduce stress and create a peaceful and organized environment.

One of our favorite quotes is “Clear the Clutter Clear the Mind”.


I find this to be so true and our customers are so thankful when we have helped them to create an environment that brings them peace. With our support and guidance, we can reduce clutter and help create new organizing strategies that can help people to maintain their homes.

When asked what is the best room to start organizing, we always say it's one of the most important parts to the process of organizing. We ask our clients what area causes the most stress for them and which ones they find the most challenging to keep organized. We start with this room so that they can see progress immediately and feel encouraged and relieved.

One •

If you haven't used it or thought of it in a year, let it go. We truly believe once it is out of sight you won't regret it!

Two •

If it doesn't bring you joy or value anymore donate it to someone who will enjoy it and put it to good use. Many people express they are holding on to things in case they might someday need it or in hopes they will fit into it someday. This is a common misconception, if it was valuable to you already would have been using it.

Three •

When belongings are organized and have their own place a home or office can feel less chaotic and more inviting. If you don’t have the time or expertise in this we always recommend obtaining a professional who can help with labeling systems and creating a more visually appealing environment.

Four •

If you are planning a move it is an ideal time to declutter your home. When faced with the challenging task of moving, it is common for our customers to express their disappointment in themselves for allowing themselves to collect so many things over the years. Declutter first so that you don’t move the clutter with you and you can start fresh.

Five •

Remind yourself that your time and peace of mind are valuable. Life can have so many other important priorities rather than making time to tidy up. When time or motivation is limited we recommend starting with a small area such as the bathroom sink or your dresser. Make a list of things you can accomplish in 20 minutes a day so that you can feel less overwhelmed. Reward yourself when you accomplish your goal for the day and use it as motivation to continue the next day.


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