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Pro to Know- PK's Gift Closet


Amy Rowell fell in love with the art of gifting and founded PK’s Gift Closet to help others do the same, by taking the stress out of gift-giving. With over 25 years of experience in corporate gifting, hospitality, and event planning, she says, “I have always had an eye for the ‘perfect gift.’ Details, quality, and overall experience, no matter what I’m putting together, are very important to me.”


What’s the secret to a perfect gift? Amy says, “A great gift has nothing to do with the price or where it was purchased. It’s about thought and intention. Don’t feel the need to always gift around the ABCs: anniversaries, birthdays, Christmas. Shake it up! Plan a gift for a random time of year or after a busy time at work when people might need a boost.”

On the power of personal gifts and practicing gift preparedness, Amy says, “How many times have you been on your way to an event and someone reminded you that someone’s birthday is today, and you have to quickly
find something that will do in a pinch? You’re going to end up spending too much money on something that’s subpar, and there’s still wrapping and a card to think about. Gift Preparedness is thinking ahead so that when small occasions come up, you’re not stressed about adding another thing to your to-do list. When you give a thoughtful gift to someone and you see their appreciation and delight, it makes you both feel good. It makes you feel connected.”

To be prepared for gift-giving year-round, Amy offers a quarterly subscription box that includes helpful reminders about holidays, like World Teacher’s Day and Administrative Professional’s Day. She also includes everything you
need to perfectly wrap the gifts!

With experience consulting clients in a variety of industries, Amy is an expert in creating memorable experiences. She says, “I work with so many different types of clients; businesses that want to do a better job connecting with employees, vacation property owners who want unique welcome gifts to enhance their guests’ stay, and companies that want to work on kindness and intention initiatives with their employees. It is so important to stay connected
and intentional in a corporate setting. It’s imperative to nurture our business relationships, be it employees, co-workers, sponsors, vendors or service technicians. These interactions cannot be viewed as just transactional.”

When most of us think about corporate gifting, we think about something like a mug with a logo on it. Amy explains why these kinds of gifts are a wasted opportunity to connect with your clients; “That gift is about the giver, not the receiver. That gift is for your company because there’s your logo, front and center! But, it doesn’t create joy for the

Remembering the impact of a thoughtful gift she received, she says, “I worked with a vendor and as a thank you, he got me a very nice set of steak knives that have ‘UK’ engraved on all of them. He paid attention to a passion of mine and remembered that. I have used those knives every day for the past 15 years… so I’m always thinking of him and
remembering that thoughtfulness. We still have a business connection to this day!”

“If you shine, I shine!”- Amy Rowell