Fashion DOs and DONTs of Early 2022

Jayme Jackson


In a world that is still stuck somewhere between Covid, working remote, and party time, our normal list of Dos and Donts
has shifted from being strong recommendations to a collection of ideas and suggestions. Basically, we find ourselves
asking, what looks good and for whom should we dress?

So, over the past few weeks, we asked the opposite sex some of the best dos and donts that keep them looking just a tad longer or can’t turn a head altogether. This is what the gentlemen and ladies of Lexington had to say..


  • Mini Skirt: The number one rule for dressing is to complement your shape and your age. Every body type and even though Harper Valley PTA may have frowned on a miniskirt, at the right age and right build, they are one of 22's top trends.
  • Undergarments: Start with a good foundation. This applies to men and women.  Invest in good bras and underwear, VPL's are a major no-no and whitey-tidies are your daddy's underwear.  Ladies, a sports bra does not count as a bra unless you are exercising.  Fellas, throw away your bacon-necked white t-shirts and opt for new ones, every guy needs a great, bright white t-shirt.
  • White Tennis Shoes: Find a great white tennis shoe.  Not too athletic-looking, these shoes will carry you straight through fall and look great with dresses, shorts, and ankle pants.  Our suggestion: don't spend too much. It is easier to buy 2 pairs of inexpensive white shoes than agonizing over keeping one pricey pair white.
  • Blazer: Wear a classic blazer.  This goes for both men and women.  A well-fitted blazer (we suggest buying one a tad big and having it tailored or, if you have the option, have it custom made) to pair with slacks or jeans. Pick a fabric that is seasonless and a silhouette that enhances your build.
  • Jeans: Get a great pair of jeans. These are an investment. We would suggest a classic pair of straight leg or bootcut to lengthen your legs and give a more tailored appearance.  For ladies, low waist jeans are coming back in style.  Don't worry, we aren't talking about Britney Spears low rise; just a waist-band that sits at your well.. waist.  Men, your jeans should be a mid-wash rinse; not too light and not too dark and they need to be fitted.  A great loafer or boot can dress up any pair of jeans so go for a classic fit that accentuates your best assets.
  • Belts: Invest in a great belt.  For jeans, slacks, and oversized sweaters and to nip in the waist of that dress.  A great belt is second only to a great pair of pointy toes pumps or saddle brown shoes for men.
  • Colors: Wear bright colors in the colder months.  Colorful clothing bounces light back into your face and eyes which makes you appear rested and energized and lets admit it, we do love a man in pink.
  • Shine: Wear metallics, sequins, and shimmer all year long, any time of day.  2022 calls for sparkles. During the day opt for a mixed-media shirt such as a solid sweater with sequined sleeves.


  • Cargo: Don't wear cargo pants or shorts.  Unless you are a soldier, hunter or medical personnel.  You can't possibly need that many pockets.
  • Cheap Leggings: Some things you can get on sale, but leggings should not be in this category. Remember the saying that "Leggings and small children cannot keep secrets." Opt for a thicker, yet breathable fabric that will help you hide your sins.
  • Crop Top: Don's show your midriff unless it's a night out on the town no matter how perfectly cute your tummy is.  No one wants to have dinner or lunch with you while looking at your belly button.
  • DUDES Shoes: Thou shalt never wear DUDES shoes.